Air Pollution and How to Avoid its Health Risks

Air Pollution and How to Avoid its Health Risks

In the past, Australian air quality was one of the best with the presence of thick forests. But, as a result of urbanisation and repeated wildfire, the total forest area has reduced considerably in the past few decades. According to official reports, Australia has lost 27 per cent rain forest and 19 per cent of open forests after the 1750s. This problem, combined with the modern pollution sources, increased health risks. The companies like ppe tech now produce reliable masks to reduce their effect on humans. Such face masks have improved quality design to restrict the pollutants from entering the lungs.

A few of the main components of air pollution are,

Vehicle Emissions

Fossil fuel cars became an integrated part of life due to the convenience it gives. But the problem with these is it produces a large number of unhealthy emissions. In Australia, the number of vehicle owners is skyrocketing, and this trend increases the rate of pollution.


Urbanisation and the development of industries in Australia increased the number of construction works. The increase in construction caused higher pollutant particles in the air. Many of these particles are the reason for asthma and other lung-related problems.

Emissions from Factories

The development of various factories in Australia helped in the improvement of infrastructure in the early days. The unregulated emissive particles became a significant cause of air pollution. And many of these emissive particles cause a wide variety of problems in every organism.

Importance of Masks,

The pollutants in the air mostly enter through the mouth and nose. While living in the city or working in a construction field, it is not easy to avoid pollutant particles. The best option is to use masks like p2 masks from ppe tech. These masks can filter out the pollutant particles and only allow air to enter the lungs. This feature significantly reduces the chances of damage to the lungs. Different face masks are used in various areas to meet the quality standards. Some of which are,

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Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are generally used in hospitals to prevent the spreading of viruses. These serve two purposes, and one is to provide safety to medical professionals. And the other is to safeguard other patients. The doctors use these during surgical procedures to avoid airborne contamination entering the body of the patients.

Safety Masks

These are used in several fields to safeguard people from hazardous air. These are useful for people working in dangerous situations like in factories and refineries. Safety masks can actively limit many air particles from entering the body. It uses various filters and methods to reduce the effect of poisonous gases. Due to many health concerns in working hazardous situations, the Australian government introduced many directions on using safety equipment.

Regular-Use Masks

These masks are for general purpose. It is always best to use a face mask to avoid any airborne diseases. Usually, cloth face masks are used for general-purpose use. These can avoid most viral particles and dust particles to provide the person with quality air. These come in different designs to make them comfortable for everyone. The number of layers of filtering can vary between manufacturers and use 3-layer or 4- layer face masks for best results.

Directions On The Proper Use Of Masks,

  • All the face masks come with a strapping mechanism. Use these straps properly to fit the protection on the face securely.
  • Air pollutants can penetrate the body through the nose and mouth. So while using a face mask, cover both nose and mouth correctly to get the best result.
  • Use a suitable face mask as per the age and environment. The age concern is higher in kids and buying proper protective masks for them.