5 Reasons to Install a Mesh Wi-Fi Network

5 Reasons to Install a Mesh Wi-Fi Network

With working from home becoming an integral part of the new normal, Wi-Fi connections help you work faster and more productively. People who used to have dead spots in their homes can now connect and enjoy scrolling and streaming with minimal interruptions. Thanks to routers and mesh networks, working from home, online learning, and entertainment are now possible no matter where you are in your home.

Of course, installing mesh networking can be pricey. Before you think that installing a wireless mesh network is just a gimmick and money grab, here are five reasons getting one might just change your Internet connection game at home.

Expands Your Wi-Fi Range

Working close to your Internet router ensures a reliable connection. But what if you want to stream your favorite shows or play your favorite MOBA games in another part of your home? Sure, you might be able to connect, but the speed might not be the same as being close to your router.

Installing a mesh network expands your Wi-Fi range beyond your router’s reliable coverage zone. Let’s say your router is in your study or home office; a wireless mesh network allows your family to enjoy speedy connections even if they are several feet away from the main router. Several wireless mesh networks are also why you can access the Internet in the lobby and amenity areas of developments like Discovery Primea Residences.

Helps Fix Dead Zones

Wireless mesh networks also help “resurrect” dead zones in your home. Placing mesh routers may help bring in a more reliable signal and connection in those areas. Searching for a recipe online or a movie to watch in your bedroom or garden will be easy-peasy, thanks to your wireless network.

Satellites Help in Speed Consistency

While wireless mesh networks expand your Internet range and bring life to dead spots, they still have their limits in terms of their speed. Like working farther from your router, working a little bit far from your mesh router and its reliable coverage zone might cause slower speeds in your streams and browses.

If you live in a more expansive home, installing mesh satellites may further extend your Internet’s range and speed. Position them all over your home, such as in your bedroom, your kids’ rooms, and even the guest rooms. With mesh satellites, you’ll get faster and more consistent speeds wherever you go in your home.

Compact and “Cute”

Compared to traditional routers, which are bulkier, mesh Wi-Fi routers are more compact. They usually have cylindrical shapes that can fit smaller spaces, making them easy to hide from plain sight. Plus, some are smaller and cute, and they fit the modern decor of your home.

Security Features

Many people worry about the security of their wireless networks as they boost their Internet signal to the point that strangers might be able to connect. But with mesh Wi-Fi networks, you don’t have to worry about unknown people linking to your Internet.

Mesh networking offers features that allow you to monitor which devices are connected, change passwords, and remove any sketchy connections that may compromise your security. You may get mesh satellites from manufacturers that offer two-step verification, fingerprint authentication, and security questions to strengthen the security of your Internet connection.

As a whole, mesh Wi-Fi networks keep you connected to people and updates wherever you are in your home. They provide consistent speed for your browsing and streaming needs. Note these five reasons and plan where you should place your mesh router and satellites.