3 Ways To Create Engaging Live For Facebook

3 Ways To Create Engaging Live For Facebook

Back in the day, shows were often pre-recorded and edited before airing on television. A live episode is such a big deal. It is exciting, unpredictable, and it involves fresh content.

That’s What Facebook Live Is All About.

Live is a feature on Facebook that allows you to broadcast live using just a computer or a mobile phone. Whether you are a creator or a small business marketer, it is an effective tool for reaching out and creating a connection with your target audience through social media.

Here are three simple things you need to do to maximize engagement and reach when going live.

Basics of Facebook live

It is important to know the basic process for going live on Facebook. It can be quite tricky and the information and settings it may require can be quite overwhelming. But if you master the basics, at least, going live would be as easy as making a call.

You don’t need to create a special account to be able to use Facebook Live. You can go live using your profile, a group account, an event, or a page. Simply click on the Live Video option where you would usually post photos or a status update and it will take you where you can configure the settings of your live session.

You can add filters to your video, invite friends or choose an audience, add a title and a description, and many more. You can go live anytime you want or schedule it for a later time, giving you a chance to prepare your audience, for them to share your live event, and invite family, friends, or colleagues who they think could benefit from it.

Horizontal Aspect Ratio for Live on Facebook

Because most live sessions are done using a mobile phone that you often hold up vertically, it feels natural to film vertically. However, it is highly recommended to flip your phone to film horizontally instead. Not only will it yield a better video size, but it will also display better on the news feed. You may add filters or special effects to help improve the frame and enhance the viewing experience.

Repurposing Content for Other Social Media Platforms

While Live videos will still be available on the news feed for those who didn’t watch it, wouldn’t it be great if you can extend its reach outside Facebook? If you have pre-recorded videos you would like to publish on Facebook Live or share on other platforms, you can change the video aspect ratios using an online video editor. Instagram, for one, has a different video display size. Changing the size of your video to what the platform requires will make sure that it displays correctly.

After your live session, you can access the video by going to your Albums, then go to Videos, and download the file to your computer or mobile device. Repurpose it on multiple social media networks, on your blog or website, or even send it through email. It is a quick and easy way to generate organic views and traffic from different digital sources.

Is it Worth Going live on Facebook?

It’s easy to see why live videos on Facebook draw more attention than image posts. It is real-time, highly interactive, and the fact that no one knows how it will really go is quite exciting. Here are a few more benefits of live streaming:

  • Humanizes your brand
  • Improves engagement
  • Cost-effective and hassle-free
  • It stays up and watchable permanently
  • Can get more views just sitting around in your Video album

You don’t have to be an expert or a professional broadcaster to be able to carry out a live streaming video on Facebook. You just have to understand the basics and benefits of going live. Follow tips and best practices but apply them only if they are suitable for your topic, brand voice, and target audience.

Feel free to experiment with live videos and maximize their potential. Interact with your viewers, thank them for tuning in, read the comments, answer their questions, and give them a shout-out whenever appropriate. Make the most of it and have fun!