Friday, January 30, 2015

Act Fast Friday - FREE - January 30, 2015

Untitled 141812 (Wells, Maine), 2014, Archival pigment print

I have been photographing this marsh next to my aunt and uncle's house for almost 10 years.   I finally made the picture I wanted last summer.  And it seems to be a hit, everyone loves it.   So, I decided to break the rules of the art world.   I'm giving this image away for FREE.   Yes, that's right free.  

What's the catch?   I ask that you make a donation to the project.  
Those of you with a little more cash to spare, I hope you'll donate generously.  Those of you with little or no cash to spare, I completely understand, it's your lucky week!  

You can chose whatever size you want.  There will be no edition. 
I want to democratize art and the art buying process.  If this works, I'll do it every week.   Please spread the word, friends.  
I need you in order to keep this show on the road. 

(Retail $1000-$10000)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Act Fast Friday - January 23, 2015

Rest Stop, I40 Westbound, Gray County, Texas, 2013, Archival pigment print, 10x10”, Edition of 10.

As I sort through images of this project, I'm finding my favorites are the ones I least expect.  Little moments like this when I pull over at a rest stop, taken with my  iphone. It brings me right back to the feeling of being alone on the road, the quiet contemplation that happens while driving across country.   The time where my only job was getting from point A to B and absorbing everything I possibly could. 

Edition number 1 - $50 (retail $1000)

Edition numbers 2-10, $75-$750

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