Saturday, October 31, 2015

Act Fast Friday - FREE - October 30, 2015

Untitled 131213 (Marzocca di Senigallia, Ancona, Italy), 2013, Archival pigment print, 12x12” or 24x24".
I just returned from two weeks on the road, starting in NYC and ending in Texas. Austin-Dallas-Houston-San Antonio-Austin in 5 days.  It was a lot under the best of circumstances.  I like to think of myself as prepared for travel and related snafus.  And although taking risks is the name of this game, I am usually pretty calculated, even while going with the flow.

What I thought was a major accident driving from Dallas to Houston (hours of standstill traffic) was actually massive flooding.  Apparently I drove right into the eye of the storm, and found myself stranded in the worst part of it in Corsicana, Texas. I was completely unprepared.   I checked the weather, almost stayed another night, but it cleared up when I left. I texted my friends in Houston. Everything was fine.   Hours later I was figuring out where to park the car for the night so I wouldn’t wash away. 

As I’m settling into sleep a sense of fear sweeps over me.   It’s not the rape/murder fear, or the fear I will drown - it’s a fear of the unknown that I haven’t ever felt in the almost five years of this project.  I usually figure out a solution to the problems before me.  But I realized at this point, I have no solutions.   And I’m out of energy to find them.  And I’m tired.   And I want to quit.  And I’m alone in the middle of the night in an alley in a small town in Texas. 

I’ve been asked a lot if it’s lonely both living and traveling alone.   I always answer with a resounding NO.   I don’t feel lonely, but what I am started to feel is exhausted.   It’s not just the travel, just the art making, constant fundraising or literally maintaining a roof over my head (an e-mail to the roofer is next on my list).   The combination of keeping all of it afloat, staying positive and cheering myself on has worn me down. 

All that being said, besides the floods, a broken iPhone, an extreme allergy attack, missing my bus to Maine and then getting home and immediately loosing power – the last two weeks were really great, so onward I will go, even if a lot weary.

I'm giving this image away for FREE.   Yes, that's right free.  What's the catch?   I ask that you make a donation to the project.  Those of you with a little more cash to spare, I hope you'll donate generously. Those of you with little or no cash to spare, I completely understand, it's your lucky week!  

Did you miss a week?  Prior Act Fast Friday prints now available for a set price in the ARCHIVE.

Act Fast Friday is a chance for you to purchase a photograph at a super super discount. I want to democratize art and the art buying process.  Every Friday, I'll switch out the image. Sometimes they will be small prints, some times large. Act Fast Friday is the latest in a series of fundraisers to complete the project + prepare for the book and installation of Are you really my friend? at MASS MoCA. Follow me on social media of your choice or sign up for alerts here, so you don't miss a chance to Act Fast!

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