Saturday, January 4, 2014

Adventures in Raleigh, North Carolina - days 29-35

Tania and I have been friends since 5th grade, that's over thirty years.  There are a group of us who have remained friends despite my moving to the East Coast from St. Louis in high school, and despite us living in different states now.    She is a graphic designer and teaches in the Art and Design department at North Carolina State University.  Todd works in a medical facility and also is a go to guy for everything bicycle and bike racing at his company Berger Hardware Bikes.

I  planned to stay with her, Todd and the boys for a couple of days, but as my travel plans fell apart, I ended up staying for an entire week. Tania went out of her way to accommodate and help me in way she could. She set up two lectures with her students in the design department, let me work in her office for the week and introduced me to colleagues and students who she thought would be receptive to the project.  I also spent time getting to know the boys and exploring Raleigh.  I really liked the city, it has a working class feel with locally owned stores and a neighborhood feel.

Owen and Calvin at lunch, a true document of their respective personalities 
Really well designed drug store
Chickens hanging out on the NCSU campus
Tania lends me a desk in her office for the week (and packs me snacks!)
Tania gives me a tour of the design buildings
Poster in design dept. 
Over view of the design dept. 
Even water fountains look good in the design building
Hanging student piece
Industrial design
Fashion dept.
Ceiling in the library 
Talking to Tania's students
Tania cooking supper
Todd organizes his bike race
Dinner with the boys
Calvin hamming it up
Owen checked out this awesome book from the library
What is e-mail?
Selfie with Calvin
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Board games with boys
My whole going South for the winter where it is warm plan didn't exactly work out
Tania makes another delicious dinner
Owen tries to make it up the hill at the playground
Nests in a tree
frozen tree
frozen grass
frozen leaves
Calvin and I are off the playground
Not too cold to swing?
In North Carolina frost = snow.  The kids attempt to sled. 
Girl's night out!
One of the best burger's of my life at Chuck's 
downtown Raleigh
Menu at Foundation - really fantastic underground bar
Moonshine cocktails
A trip to the local coffee joint, Third Place
Calvin showing off his new thrift store jacket 
Took a walk around the neighborhood and saw this great building
and this bit of nature

Tania and Todd's adorable bungalow
Tania Allen, Todd, Owen and Calvin Berger
living room
living room
kid's room
Tania's office

dining room 
dining room collage
guest room / my room
Dates January 22-28, 2013.

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