Monday, June 24, 2013

14, 677 miles and I'm home again! HOME AGAIN!

25 months = 43 States, 97 cities, 330 homes visited + friends photographed, 68 sleep overs

"It's been rough and rocky travelin',
But I'm finally standing upright on the ground.
And after takin' several readings,
I'm surprised to find my mind's still fairly sound."
- Me + Paul, Willie Nelson (who was a constant soundtrack)

After four and a half months away from home, and 14, 677 miles driven across, up, down and back across the country,  I am so happy to be back in Maine for the summer.  I'm enjoying watching the gardens grow, cleaning the house (!), and easing my way back into a rhythm of sorting through digital files, scanning film and writing about my trip.   I have close to 15, 000 images + video to go through so I definitely have my work cut out.

One of the many amazing things about this trip was having my eyes wide open for such a long stretch of time.  Which in turn got me all excited to make landscapes again. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Adventures in Shepherdstown, WV - days 23-25

I left Amherst, VA very early in the morning (to beat the upcoming ice storm!) and headed to my friend Jenny's in Sheperdstown, West Virginia.  Jenny and I met at Hampshire College, but hadn't stayed in touch until we ran into each other at a mutual friends 40th birthday party in Boston right as I started this project.   We became instant re-friends and although I don't think we've ever had a phone conversation, we text and IM on a weekly if not daily basis.  There have been many late night tell alls and words of encouragement over the last couple of  years.  It was my first time visiting her (and my first time in WV!) and meeting her son Grady.  [on a side note, I might of encouraged him to start a mini revolution at school to boycott finger printing the students]

hitting the road
watching the sunrise across Virginia
Jenny had coffee ready + fixed me breakfast! 
Jenny and Grady show me downtown
Somehow this car managed to land on a front stoop
Stocking up at the adorable wine store
The next day, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and light streaming through the house.  Jenny and I picked up Grady from school and went to see the progress on her soon to be house.  We decided to shoot the formal portrait at the new house, construction and all.   And as an end to every good day - we hit the local dive bar for pint before dinner.
Waking up to the sunrise
light on the stairs 
looking onto sun porch / bar
light on the porch
kitchen soap dish after my own heart
Grady and Jenny at the new house
Grady learning the Hasselblad
Grady photographs his mom with my point and shoot
Where the contractor takes a break?
Even under construction, the light and space is beautiful

it's a very tidy workspace
the quaint downtown
Dive bars with tin ceilings are my favorite - the Mecklenburg Inn is legendary 
Might as well stop in for a pint
On my last day in Shedperdstown,  Jenny threw a dinner party.   One of my favorite quotes from her is "I think my life mission is to surround myself with awesome people", so needless to say I was excited to meet her friends.  When she told me it was going to be something like 12 adults and 6 kids, I think I might of had a "um 6 kids" look on my face, because she assured me the only way to have all your favorite people show up was to let them bring their kids.   And she was right.   I enjoyed getting to know the crowd of really interesting friends she gathered and hearing about the cool things happening in their sweet town.  Jenny is on the board of the Contemporary American Theater Festival (among many others) so I got a glimpse into the theater world and their incredible programming.  Who knew this little West Virginia town was such a hotbed of cool people? 
I can't get enough of this sun room
back of the house
front of the house
Impromptu photo shoot with Sadie
Sadie is an up and coming ballerina !  
Jenny's key to a successful dinner party "Let your friends bring their kids"
Jenny happily feeds a giant group of us
Every dinner party needs a dance party
Miles 190, Trip total 915.  Dates January 17-20, 2013.
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