Saturday, February 23, 2013

Queen of the Road

Roger "King of the Road" Miller Museum
I am happy to report from the high desert of New Mexico.  It's much colder than I imagined, and after 10 days, I'm finally feeling hydrated and adapting to the altitude.  I left Maine almost two months ago and have had so many experiences, learned so many lessons + been struck by the depth and beauty of this country.  I didn't realize how much this trip to photograph my Facebook friends would end up being about the epic journey itself. I've shot over 6,000 images and video; been to 17 states; seen many Museums; honky tonked in Nashville; moonshined in South Carolina; shared meals with friends and strangers; lectured in schools large and small; been inspired in many artist's studios; and driven parts of historic Route 66 feeling the heart wrenching desolation of rural America. I continue to be blown away by creative people doing amazing things wherever I go.

I'm getting pretty good at the steering wheel cam
This is the first time in my life that I have not had a commitment at home to return to, so I am basking in  the ability to set my own schedule and route and absorb as much as I possibly can.  I am embarrassed by lack of geography skills - often not knowing I'm about to pass over rivers and mountains or historic landmarks.   While it hasn't always been easy and sometimes a little scary (mountain hairpin turns in a car with 160, 000 miles on it), it has always been an adventure.  I definitely feel like I can do anything after making this trip by myself.

Keliy + Matt overlooking the Ozarks in Arkansas
I am finding it difficult to eek out time to write and sort through the images - constantly riding that line between documenting my experiences and experiencing them.   Instagram / Tumblr has been a valuable tool to at least upload on a daily basis (depending on wifi or cell service) so please follow along.   I love hearing from you - especially your favorite places for me to visit or friends and family to look up.  It makes it that much better knowing I have a community of people who are cheering me on.

Enjoying making 30 second videos (birds flying in Illinois):

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