Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Adventures in Williamsburg, Virginia - days 26 + 27

I left Shepherdstown and headed to Williamsburg, VA to see Sean, his wife Beth, and teenagers, Mac + Gus.  I hadn't seen them in at least 10 years, and had never met the boys.  Beth is a nurse and yoga instructor.  Sean works in underwater construction management.  I met him when I was 17 (and Beth and I went to HS together, although I knew them separately) and we ended up roommates above the old 3 Dollar Dewey's and below Scarlet's massage and holistic health center in the Old Port.  Sean decided to enlist in the Army reserves, and I remember borrowing my parents car in a blizzard to drive Sean to an Army training in Lewiston.

When I arrived Sean made me dinner and we caught up while waiting for Beth to come home from work.   We all ended up staying up until 1:00 am and he filled me in on his time in Afghanistan.  He told me stories of the different customs and  honor codes of the tribes, my favorite are the Pashtunwali.   They have a very strict code of hospitality - they must welcome friend or foe into their home and treat them with great honor.  

The next morning after we did the family portrait, Sean and the boys took me to see Colonial Williamsburg. It's an interesting mix of history and tourist trap.  Everyone is dressed in period garb and the shops sell period merch.  Apparently some people also live there but you can't tell the difference between the regular and official houses.  I was also surprised how different the South and North's version of the civil war are.  

Lots of plantations and farmland
Every once and a while a restaurant
I wasn't expecting such desolation
Through the back roads the light was gorgeous

Beth, Sean, Gus & Mac 
front room
I love growth charts!
raised beds looking pretty green for January 
Sean, Mac + Gus give me a tour of colonial Williamsburg
The things tourists do to their children
Old timey tavern
They take the period wear seriously 

Surprised to find a bamboo forest there
bamboo grafitti
Governor's palace
Overlooking the village 

Delicious gyro to send me on my way

Miles 212, Trip total 1127.  Dates January 20-21, 2013.

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