Sunday, January 27, 2013

Boston + NYC - days 1+2

The day after Christmas, I left Maine for Boston with my sister, Emma and her/our friend Jura.  I was planning on dropping them off on my way to NYC but decided to stay when offered a ticket to the Roots, which turned out to be a perfect way to start this adventure.  Justin and Amy (who I met at a wedding in Maine last summer) met us for drinks before the show.
Self portrait with Emma + Jura, Maine to Boston
95 South 
Emma orders Thai like a boss 
Amy and Justin meet us for margaritas
The Roots at The House of Blues
Cab ride with Emma & Jenny to the glass slipper
?uestlove dj set at underbar
The next morning I drove to my cousin Tara's place in Manhattan.  Not only did I get on street parking in front of her building, it was safe for the night.   When I posted a photo to Facebook, my friend from Maine, Brett called because his flight was cancelled and he was also in NYC, only blocks away.   We all met for a drink at Maialino where another friend was working.  Tara and I grabbed burgers on our way home and caught up on her couch.
Heading to NYC
Pizza stop on the mass pike
heading south 
rain storm
parking spot on 5th ave. directly in front of Tara's building!
Brett meets us for a drink
Shake Shack 
Madison Square park
336 miles. Two days. December 26 + 27, 2012

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