Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Adventures in Los Angeles + Ojai-day 13

The morning shoot was with Laura & Matthew in Koreatown.  I met Laura when she was working as an assistant at Jim Kempner Fine Art, my gallery in New York almost 10 years ago.  She has gone on to have quite an accomplished career, graduate school at Williams and curating at MASS MoCA and the St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum.  Matthew works at LACMA and is temporarily still telecommuting to the Aspen Art Museum.   We had a cup of tea and I got a tour of their beautiful light filled place.
Gorgeous building in Koreatown
Rose garden at Laura & Matthews apartment complex
Their front door
Matthew frames while Laura and I have tea
fixture with beautiful flower bulbs
Matthew Thompson + Laura Fried
Art + Books
pistachios for the road!
And then a drive to Ojai to see friends Moira + Henry and meet for the first time the new baby August and play a lot with Jack, one of my absolute favorite children.  We spend the afternoon running around the backyard, and then Henry barbecued a great meal.  Moira's brother Jaime joined us with his friend Natalie as well as Henry's mom, Margaret.   We had a great time catching up and I learned about Quail Springs where Natalie works and Henry + Jamie just did courses in permaculture certification.

Jack runs me over with his scooter and we have a lot of laughs

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Adventures in San Diego + Los Angeles-days 11+12

I spent the morning working in my sun filled patio office before I headed to San Diego to photograph old Hampshire J-3 hall mate, Jen.  She was another college friend that when I was sitting in her living room, it didn't feel like 18 years had gone by.   She made a smorgasbord of delicious snacks (and like a good mom backed a bag for my drive back to LA) and caught up on each others lives.  Her partner Terri suggested a drive to Balboa Park where they showed the huge and gorgeous grounds.  I made it back to LA in time for dinner with Siri at her favorite Pho restaurant.

Sunday was the closest I had to day off the entire trip.   I met J and Pam for lunch at Griffith park - it was my first time meeting Emil and getting to know and becoming besties with the fully charged Marcel.  We had lunch at the Trails cafe and then went to the playground across the street which was like land of the lawless.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adventures from San Francisco to Los Angeles - Days 8, 9 + 10

I booked a 9 am flight out of Oakland, forgetting that meant a 6 am wakeup call.  Also forgetting that I hadn't photographed the apartment I stayed in for an entire week which I had become quite attached to.   I should probably take this opportunity to thank Lynn for giving me her place while she was on vacation in Hawaii.  I met her when I was 15 and we both worked at Strawberries Records and Tapes (!) by the mall.   She arranged to leave keys for me at work, left her car and hilarious instructions via email about how everything worked.  (Don't touch the Grappa my boyfriend carried back from Italy for me, help yourself to the Makers).   She also played tech support and tour guide via text.  We over lapped by a day, not long enough for a portrait, unfortunately.  But long enough for me to remember what real old and dear friend is.

Lynn's living room
Oakland airport is small and old timey
Flew into Long Beach instead of LAX = dream come true
no gates, just the runway
I love that half the airport is outdoors
I am on a mission to find more small awesome airports
This was my third trip to LA to photograph and staying with my friend Colin in Hollywood, so I  was really looking forward to tacos at the dive place down the street.  It closed since my last trip, so Colin sent me to Umami for a burger which could of been the best one of entire my life.  I went back to his place after to catch up on email.  I am still not able to find the right balance of paperwork/shooting/exploring while on the road.   It feels strange to sit on my laptop while in California, but also becoming more and more necessary to be able to work on the computer at least two or three hours a day while on the road.  When Colin came home from work, we took his dog for a walk through the hills and then for killer nachos at Mexico City.

The next day I spent the morning working "from home" and rewarded myself for a full days work by meeting my friend Laura and her husband Matthew at LACMA for the Stanley Kubrick retrospective and Mapplethorpe show.  Matthew works there and gave us a little behind the scenes tour, and I have to say it was one of the best curated and installed shows I have ever seen.  A must see for everyone, especially photographer and/or filmmakers.  Siri joined us for a drink in the restaurant after, and then I met Colin at home and he took me to the Dresden Lounge which was dive bar meets house band meets  attached restaurant with white leather banquets.
I can't believe it took 1.5 years to buy a GPS
Chris Burden installation out front
We are totally listening,  Matthew
Laura, Matthew + the Kubrick retrospective

Laura + Mapplethorpe
Siri, Laura + Matthew at the Stark restaurant at LACMA
Colin's kitchen at dusk
Dresden Lounge

Colin's apartment is awesome (as you would imagine from an interior designer) but my favorite feature was the deco bathroom with a giant louvered window facing palm trees.  I went to work with Colin and got a sneak preview of the book that Abrams is publishing featuring some of the houses he worked on.   We met Patrick for dinner at Malo  for the best tacos I've ever had.  I love tacos, I could eat them every day, so the bar is set high.  These tacos were genius, corn tortillas filled with the goods and then sealed and fried (!) so the insides don't fall out and the tortillas became crispy.  Thank you, Colin for being my own personal Yelp. 

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