Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shana & Crash Barry, Butterfield, Maine

title: Shana & Crash Barry, Butterfield, Maine
date: 2012
relationship: friends, art, met through art world Portland
years known: Shana, 10-15; Crash 15-20

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kim Lombardi, Portland, Maine

title: Kim Lombardi, Portland, Maine
date: 2012
relationship: friends, business (law), met through Toby Hollander
years known: 0-5

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Robin, Taylor, Bubba & Trey Ellef, Unionville, Connecticut

title: Robin, Taylor, Bubba & Trey Ellef, Unionville, Connecticut
date: 2012
relationship: friends, family, cousins, met through Peter and Daryl
years known: 35-40

Friday, October 26, 2012

Shout out from Akam.no

Originally posted on Akam.no


Adventures in Portland + Falmouth

I started off with morning shoots on Munjoy Hill.   I met Heidi at some point in the early 90's through my college friend, Rhonda.  We have run into each other over the years around town but this was my first time at her place, and my first time meeting Zoe.   Heidi is the ultimate girl friday - she is in school for marine biology, is an artist (painter), does social media for small businesses and works at Rosemont Market  (my favorite place in Portland).  Zoe also maintains a girl fridayness - she paints, nannies and works for her aunt's company South Street Linen.

New mural on the side of Colucci's 
Portland Observatory (which oddly enough I have never been in)
Congress Street
Zoe & Heidi
Kitchen shelves
beautiful produce
holy cabbage
living room
guest room
Then to Katie's house down the street, who I have also know forever but never been to her apartment.  Katie works for Portland Trails and as the beloved mascot Oakie.  My love of Katie Brown (which I'm pretty sure the entire city of Portland shares) comes from her ridiculous sense of humor and amazing and relentless mobile uploads on Facebook of life in the day of Katie.  Although she does not proclaim herself a "photographer" she has a great eye and is one of my favorite people to follow.
Katie has the cutest porch I have ever seen
And front yard
And curtains
And wall of pictures
And collectibles
East End park
And the final shoot of the week was in Falmouth at Layne's house / studio.  I met Layne many years ago when she was on my mom's board at the Child Abuse and Neglect Council in Portland.  She is now on the board of the Maine Women's Fund and Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.  I collaborated with her when she was director of Boys to Men and have had a long standing admiration and respect for all the work she does making Maine a better place for all of us, especially women and youth.  And she is now focusing on the things she loves to do, and has converted an out building into a studio.  We shared a cup of tea and she told me about all the great things she is doing in her new chapter at Lincoln Farm Studio

I'm pretty sure everyone needs glass bricks that light up in their kitchen
Kitchen sitting room
WIDE pine floor boards
Old timey flat files that I have always loved

Layne's studio
Studio - inside
Studio work tables
Studio shelves
In progress
Lawn to the pond and sweet chairs
Fruit trees and bee hives
Who doesn't love a bench swing?
Studio and house
Sunset drive home / construction

Maritza Ranero, Jersey City, New Jersey

title: Maritza Ranero, Jersey City, New Jersey
date: 2012
relationship: friends, art, met through Angela Dufresne
years known: 15-20

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jason Anderman, Montclair, New Jersey

title: Jason Anderman, Montclair, New Jersey
date: 2012
relationship:  family friends, met through Toby & Lucky Hollander
years known: 30-35

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Maggie & Keith Stone, Cumberland, Maine

title: Maggie & Keith Stone, Cumberland, Maine
date: 2012
relationship: friends, met through Sonya Tomlinson
years known: 0-5

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Erika Langstroth & Per Billgren, Brooklyn, New York

title: Erika Langstroth & Per Billgren, Brooklyn, New York
date: 2012
relationship: friends, art, met through Joe Wardwell
years known: 10-15

Friday, October 19, 2012

Kellen Tucker, Brooklyn, New York

title: Kellen Tucker, Brooklyn, New York
date: 2012
relationship: friends, art, met through Bakery Photo Collective
years known: 0-5

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nate Larson, Baltimore, Maryland

title: Nate Larson, Baltimore, Maryland
date: 2012
relationship: friends, art, met on e-mail
years known: 0-5

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Corita Brown & Ted Hannon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

title: Corita Brown & Ted Hannon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
date: 2012
relationship: friends, met at Hampshire College
years known: 20-25

Monday, October 15, 2012

Adventures in Butterfield + Turner

Crash and Shana live about a half hour west of me and more in the country.  I met Crash in Portland when he was a reporter for the now defunct Casco Bay Weekly.  He was one of the first people I met when I moved back to Portland after college.  He continues to write and is working on a book about Medical Marijuana. Shana is a musician and artist and is currently spending most of her time farming and studying herbal healing & tinctures.   When I arrived, Crash gave me a tour of the farm while Shana cooked us a delicious their farm to their table dinner.

Crash & Shana

Matt & Jeanne are also west of me and in the country, but only the next town over.  Like Chris & Shana they too have beautiful gardens and a lovely piece of property.  I met Matt when we both worked at my dad's law office in Lewiston almost 20 years ago.   Matt went to law school on a dare/bet  and would keep me entertained for hours telling hilarious stories with his thick Maine accent.  Jeanne started out as a poet and moved into photography in more recent years.  She works most with analogue antique black and white processes.  She gave me a tour of her new studio (packed full of amazing trinkets & cameras) in a converted garage and darkroom in their cellar.
Matthew & Jeanne

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shout out from The Diamondback

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Adventures in Portland, Peaks Island + Cumberland

Despite the pouring rain and lack of light - I decided to keep my shoot with Kim because well, life is not always full of beautiful sun shinny days and perfect shooting conditions.  I also and  haven't seen her in a really long time and was excited to see her new place.    I met her over the phone when I worked in family law, and we became friends - meeting for drinks and dinner after work.   She moved into a gorgeous condo on the East End with killer views of Portland. Definitely looking forward to summer time roof deck bbq's.

I spent the weekend in Portland, and the following day went to Peaks Island with my friend Tanya, for the annual Sacred & Profane installation at Battery Steele.  The audience takes the 2:15 pm ferry to the island, and follows a processional to the abandoned wwII fort where a group of artists and performers made site specific installations.  It's a cold, dark and dank place lit mostly with candles although there were a few pieces that appeared to be generator powered.   There was also an amazing spread of food (lobster springs rolls+slow cooked pork tacos were my favorite)  from Fluid Farm Aquaponics.

The next morning I went to Cumberland to photograph Maggie and Keith in their new home.  I met Maggie through Sonya at an event a couple of years ago.  We soon became friends and river swimming buddies.  We have been trying to share a meal for quite awhile, so the portrait was the perfect opportunity to see her & Keith's new place and have her cook me a delicious breakfast.   Although their house is brand new, it feels lived in and cozy.  Maggie's day job is with the Nature Conservancy, but she also has a creative sensibility and style that makes everything she touches really cool/awesome.  It's evident through their amazing handmade furniture, that Keith also has this gift even though  his business  is a landscaper/designer.  On a side note, it was really cool to see the pieces that Maggie bought from my Picture of the Week sale, already matted, framed and installed.

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