Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gretchen, Clarence, Nell & Grant Williams, Ballwin, Missouri

title: Gretchen, Clarence, Nell & Grant Williams, Ballwin, Missouri
date: 2012
relationship: friends, met at Wade I.G.E. Elementary School
years known: Gretchen 30-35, Clarence 5-10

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Matt Strauss & Gravy, St. Louis, Missouri

title: Matt Strauss & Gravy, St. Louis, Missouri
date: 2012
relationship: friends, art, met through Laura Fried
years known: 0-5

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Adventures in New Orleans - day 1

I met my sister, Emma in Boston and we flew down to New Orleans together for our annual pilgrimage to Jazz Fest.  We were lucky enough to stay with friends Wayne & Louise in their beautiful Uptown house.  I photographed them last year,  so I knew they would be great hosts and historians.  Even though I had some work to do, this trip was mainly going to be a vacation so I also extra excited to catch up on sleeping and reading, poolside.  We took a quick dip, then went for po boys up the street, and then a long an arduous journey trying to get across town for my only scheduled shoot.

Cold and rainy  Boston

Hot and sunny poolside NOLA.
Grilled shrimp po boy
We tried to take a cab, then got on the bus the wrong way, then the right way, then tried to transfer buses once we got to the French Quarter, then gave up and just walked to Brett's in the Marigny.   What was ideally a 20 minute cab ride turned into a 2.5 hour transportation adventure.  Part of the whole project, I suppose.  Luckily, Brett was sympathetic to my plight to get to his house.

Brett & I went to Hampshire together, and vaguely remembered each other from college.  We have mutual several mutual friends but we reconnected in Nola, un-Hampshire related.  Last year, after I photographed Wayne & Louise, they took me to a dinner party at their friend Pablo's house, and Brett was there.  We spent a lot of time talking and he was intrigued by the project.

He is working on a book, and was trying to get a chunk done before he left for NYC (I later found out to win a James Beard award- yay Brett!), so it was really awesome that he took a break from writing for the shoot & to have a beer with us.   I was also honored that he asked if I wouldn't mind taking a few images for his author picture for the book - which we did outside on his patio with banana trees in the background. 

And one more thing, as if Brett isn't kind enough, last month he tweeted the project to Mel, a Fresh Air producer, which then caused an amazing public radio chain reaction and a ton of publicity for the project.  Thanks Brett!
Bus ride to the Marigny
Brett may win the prize for the coolest objects, although he is up against tuff competition

coffee table

Love the art up the stairs
afternoon light kitchen
living room 
Book jacket Brett
He sent us around the corner to Lost Love Lounge for the best spring rolls of my life and a giant bowl of Pho.   Then we walked over to Vaso on Frenchman's Street to hear some music and caught a few minutes of a great brass band before I realized my wallet was missing and we had to go on a mad and fruitless search to find it.
Lost Love's bar
Lost Love book shelf
Pho & spring rolls
Vaso Lounge

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sarah, Joe, Genevieve & Ellie Francois, St. Louis, Missouri

title: Sarah, Joe, Genevieve & Ellie Francois, St. Louis, Missouri
date: 2012
relationship: friends, met through Tania Allen
years known: Sarah 25-30, Joe 5-10

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jenn Sichel & Kristine Moss, Chicago, Illinois

title: Jenn Sichel & Kristine Moss, Chicago, Illinois
date: 2012
relationship: friends, art, met through Laura Fried
years known: Jenn 5-10, Kristine 0-5

Kate Sedey & Erik Tonneson, Chicago, Illinois

title: Kate Sedey & Erik Tonneson, Chicago, Illinois
date: 2012
relationship: friends, family friends, met through Toby Hollander
years known: Kate 25-30, Erik 0-5

Friday, May 25, 2012

Adventures in St. Louis - day 11

On my last day in St. Louis, I had a shoot with Gar & Larry.   Gar is my childhood friend Tania's dad, he is also a biologist and professor at Washington University.  His partner, Larry is a flight attendant.  Gar & I spent a beautiful morning having coffee in the back yard and catching up.  Lafayette Square is another neighborhood packed full of incredible victorian architecture.  I loved going to their house as a kid (and adult) so I was extra happy to be able to include them in the project.   This trip to St. Louis also made me realize how important my friends families were to shaping my identity now.

Gar & Larry's gorgeous Lafayette Square house
Bench in the backyard
Backyard coffee time
Gar & Larry
dinning room
old timey light switch

dinning room mirror & fire place
love the tall ceilings!
living room
And enough time before my plane took off to hit two museums! First stop the Contemporary Art Museum where  Juan & Keirsten told me to go see their friend Brandon's show.  The last time I was in St. Louis it wasn't open so it was great to see the space.  Then off to Forest Park where the St. Louis Art Museum is.  The park is over 1000 acres and besides being home to the museum, it's home to many cultural institutions in St. Louis.   I have fond memories of the zoo, ice skating, sledding, concerts as a child and some getting into trouble memories of "the bridge" where we used to hang out as teenagers. 

There are not a lot - actually I don't think there any other museums I would describe as "warm" but SLAM definitely has a coziness to it.   I don't know if its because I have fond childhood memories, if its  the fact that everyone is actually nice (a trait of the midwest, for sure), if its because its FREE, or its just the vibe it gives off.  They have a great contemporary collection and I saw a fantastic photography show.
Fox Theatre
I remember loving this building when I was a kid

Chrıstodoulos Panayıotou

Brandon Anschultz
Amazing view of the windows/street
St. Louis Art Museum
I remember sledding down this hill as a kid
I also remember field trips to the Museum

The great entry hall

Gerhard Richter painting
Jenny Holtzer's are sprinkled through out

Isak Applin, Chicago, Illinois

title: Isak Applin, Chicago, Illinois
date: 2012
relationship: friends, art, met through David Wolfe
years known: 10-15

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magalie Guerin, Chicago, Illinois

title: Magalie Guerin, Chicago, Illinois
date: 2012
relationship: friends, art, met through Angela Dufresne
years known: 10-15

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rick Sindel, St. Louis, Missouri

title: Rick Sindel, St. Louis, Missouri
date: 2012
relationship: friends, family friends, met through Toby Hollander
years known: 25-30

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

George & Zoe Tarmy, Chicago, Illinois

title: George & Zoe Tarmy, Chicago, Illinois
date: 2012
relationship: friends,  met through Moira Greenspun Tarmy
years known: 0-5

Adventures in St. Louis - day 10

The first shoot of the day was with Juan and Kiersten, who like Matt I also met through Laura a few years ago in Colorado.  It was great to see them again, since while in CO Juan and I talked a lot about art and photography.  I was just starting to shoot portraits, and he was trying to figure out what was next for him.  He had been running an alternative space, Boots and was thinking he was ready to move on.  Kiersten was also wanting to move on from her job at the St. Louis Contemporary Museum.

We all came full circle, and left the jobs we had to pursue new projects.  They are working collaboratively with different community organizations in North St. Louis on an incredible creative urban project to build a bee sanctuary in what once was the  Pruitt-Igoe projects.   Now it an over grown multi acre urban jungle.

Northside Workshop  is their home base and the Old North Saint Louis Restoration Group is a partnering organization.  Both have super cool missions and are doing so much to help restore the unbelievable architecture & community.

Although we're coming at it from completely different angles, we are both figuring out how to build community around creative thinking - the process of making work is just as important as the work itself.   They also deserve a huge congratulations for receiving Art Matters & Guggenheim Foundation grants. 

I was lucky enough to arrive the day after the bees came and invited myself out to  lunch with them and along to see the hives and meet the bees!

The Hasselblad & awesome bookshelves
I have a soft spot for both vintage dishes & cameras
I love the open shelf kitchen
living room
more cool things
Juan & Kiersten
Kiersten making sugar water aka bee food
Stopping in to say hello to Juan's mom & aunt
Toasted ravioli, a St. Louis favorite!

First stop, the studio to pick up bee supplies
door in studio building
Does everyone have a crate in their studio?
hive innards
Kiersten with supplies
view from North Side Workshops
Juan has to stand back as the bees got mad at him the day before
Kiersten prepares the food
Hive before the added box
Kiersten feeding the bees
I love the color scheme
church in North St. Louis
Then to Mary Anne and Joe's.  Mary Anne and my dad were law partners when I was a kid, fighting the good fight.  Mary Anne has turned her specialty into representing employees in discrimination cases and is a force to be reckoned with.  Joe is a librarian at the St. Louis public library.   I also used to baby sit for them  (I shot their daughter Kate while I was in Chicago).  It was great fun catching up and again picking up years later as if we had seen each other the day before.   Their house is another gorgeous example of St. Louis architecture, the wood work and detail is unreal.

front of the house
light in the living room
Living room
Entry way
two charis
tv room with one of my photographs!
Mary Anne & Joe
pre-gaming dinner on the deck with Jess, Sherry & Joe
sunset across the street
dinner on the hill!

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