Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adventures in Sausalito + San Francisco - Day 5

I started off the morning in Sausalito, shooting high school friend (and former swim team mate) Sandrine.  I hadn't seen, talked to or even emailed with her in over twenty years.  She was just as sweet as I remember her and enjoyed a cup of coffee and caught up.  She is a massage therapist at a hotel down the road and not only has kept up the swimming (way more than I have) she is also an iron man competitor, with three under her belt.  She claims its no big deal on the West coast, however as a somewhat lazy East coaster, I was impressed.
My first time crossing the Golden Gate bridge 
Cute houses on a hill in Sausalito
living room
amazing fireplace
I came home to fella sunbathing in the buff in the park
crossing the Golden Gate into Sausalito:

I had a couple of hours of down time before I headed to shoot old Hampshire friend, David and his family in the mission.  We saw each other last year over brunch when we both realized we were in LA via Facebook posts.  It was my first time meeting his wife Tina and the kids, and my first time at their gorgeous house that David renovated from a complete dump.   It was jam packed with amazing art and objects on top of being well designed.  

We both lived in San Francisco almost 20 years ago, and reminisced about how much the neighborhood has changed.  He does freelance video production and told me about a really cool series of videos he is doing for a Google literacy campaign.  Tina is an artist and graphic designer and works with adults with disabilities.  It was really great to bounce ideas off of him, because just like 20 years ago - that guy will tell you the truth.   The kids were a treat as well, we had a fun time playing and making pictures with my child friendly point and shoot.

driving to the mission on a steeeeeep hill 
Neighborhood bar is still there 20 years later
give a kid a camera and they take amazing pictures

what a backyard !
Annalie and my sunglasses 
Theo and Annalie
David, Tina, Theo + Annalie
David makes us stir fry
David and the wall of amazing pictures
kitchen art
living room
so in love with this cabinet
and this one
more art 
bathroom and more cool stuff
and  even more  

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