Sunday, November 18, 2012

Adventures in San Francisco + Palo Alto - Days 6+7

My morning shoot was with Shanna and old friend from the old school Portland days and fellow photographer.  She freelances and works for Zenfolio.  We had a cup of tea and caught up on life after Portland and music / dj scene in San Francisco.   I grabbed some lunch and then spent the afternoon catching up on e-mail.
Shanna Doherty
Her roommates music studio
His record collection and cool things
Shanna's cool shelf of chachkas
self portrait in the amazing fireplace mirror
camera kit and turntables in her room
medical center where I camped out for  wifi
On  Tuesday I had two meetings, one at the Exploratorium and one at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford.  Miles put me in touch with Kristina (another long lost Hampshire friend) who works at the Exploratorium as a project manager.   We talked on the phone for a bit and she invited me to come and see the museum as well as meet some of her colleagues.  It bills it self as "the museum of science, art and human perception" which is amazingly accurate and a perfect way for me to think about the project.   I was struck by the way the both the staff and exhibits were designed - clearly focused on the experience of interacting as well as concept and installation.  

Then I headed down to Palo Alto to the Cantor at Stanford.  Unfortunately the museum was closed so I didn't get to see the exhibits but was happy to meet with Elizabeth and receive some good, critical advice.  

I didn't realize discombobulating it would be to be 3000 miles away from home on election day/night.   When I came back from Palo Alto to Lynn's apartment without internet - I was frantically checking FB + twitter for updates and returns.   By 6 ish I gave up and headed into the restaurant she works at to sit at the bar and watch CNN.  Kimon and his friend Nadine joined me as well Lynn's boyfriend Dave.   

outside the Exploration 
lunchtime view
Kristina, Mary Elizabeth + Jordan
iphone self portrait in an exhibit

Kristina's office
ceiling installation
bucky fuller type installation
interior longshot
view of workshop
love that everyone can see "behind the scenes"
front of the museum
phantom sign on Elizabeth's office door
glass of wine after back to back shoots for 5 days
no internet on election night
obsessively checking twitter on the bus
Self portrait with Lynn and Kimon on election night
Nadine, Kimon, Dave + Lynn
model train set at the barber shop next door

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