Sunday, November 4, 2012

Adventures in San Francisco - Days 1 + 2

After a lot of re-arranging and re-scheduling, I was able to leave Maine only a day later.  At 2 pm I was on a bus to Boston to plane to San Francisco to subway to downtown to walk to get the keys to Lynn's house to a cab to her house by midnight.    She left me the keys to her place and car because she was on vacation in Hawaii.   That is a real friend.

concord trailways portland to boston

logan airport
in the sky
picked up keys at Sauce and had a manhattan while I was it
Arrive at Lynn's house but she's in Hawaii
Peek in her closet ...

I woke up the next morning, got my act together and headed downtown to meet my friend Kimon at work and grab lunch in Chinatown.
My new neighborhood for the week
Kimon's office 
Kimon shows me the way

Then I went to pick up Lynn's car and drive to Tim's house for an afternoon shoot.  I met Tim at bar in Austin at a birthday party for a mutual friend during sxsw.  He is a wire photographer , consultant and founder of Open Show.  We talked for awhile about my project and open show - and have stayed in touch via e-mail.   He has convinced me to start an Open Show chapter in Portland -  a way for photographers and film makers to share their work and receive audience feedback.    After I photographed him we took a long walk around the neighborhood as the sun was setting and grabbed papusas for dinner.
View out the kitchen window

Tim Wagner
Tim's roommates make coconut juice !
Start of a beautiful sunset walk around Bernal Heights

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