Saturday, November 24, 2012

Adventures in San Diego + Los Angeles-days 11+12

I spent the morning working in my sun filled patio office before I headed to San Diego to photograph old Hampshire J-3 hall mate, Jen.  She was another college friend that when I was sitting in her living room, it didn't feel like 18 years had gone by.   She made a smorgasbord of delicious snacks (and like a good mom backed a bag for my drive back to LA) and caught up on each others lives.  Her partner Terri suggested a drive to Balboa Park where they showed the huge and gorgeous grounds.  I made it back to LA in time for dinner with Siri at her favorite Pho restaurant.

Sunday was the closest I had to day off the entire trip.   I met J and Pam for lunch at Griffith park - it was my first time meeting Emil and getting to know and becoming besties with the fully charged Marcel.  We had lunch at the Trails cafe and then went to the playground across the street which was like land of the lawless.  

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