Saturday, November 10, 2012

Adventures in Oakland + San Leandro - Day 4

Miles and Elizabeth not only gave me a lovely place to stay, they also volunteered to be my drivers for the day.  But not only that, they showed me the beautiful side of Oakland, the side that doesn't make headlines in the paper.  I have written over and over again how amazed I am by the friends who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, but I have to say, I don't know how to explain how awesome it was that they devoted an entire day (and night before) to making my experience in Oakland perfect.  They took me to a beautiful cemetery over looking the city and on a tour of a park that was breath taking as well.   I don't know if it's the bonds created at Hampshire or if it's just the fact that Miles is solid - the friend that will always be there wherever you are.

Miles made an awesome video of our day together:

Drive through Oakland:

Miles lowers the roof:

The TV:

Lemon tree! on the back porch
Miles, Tito + Elizabeth
I wonder what's on TV
The couch
the booze
the stove
charging station
morning coffee
Miles and Elizabeth are best drivers ever
pink + green

126 !
camera bag

from the highway
Ironically, the two shoots of the day were both mutual Hampshire friends and both moving out of the bay area.   I hadn't seen them in many years, and neither had Miles so it was like old home day.  We started off on the other side of Oakland at Max and Julienne's place with their twin boys Joaquin & Sam.  They both work in the rare books law library at Berkeley but were packing for their move to Austin shortly.  It was great to see Max and meet the family - the boys were a real treat, hamming it up at every opportunity.   
Max, Julienne, Sam & Joaquin
Dining room (and Max's pay what you can sale picture on the left !) 
Sam and the mask
Portrait of me one of the boys took with my point and shoot
Joaquin driving the car ...
Max, Miles & Elizabeth
People love their cars in California
And then off to San Leandro, the next town over - to Serge and Lynda's.  They were packing up to move to Maine (!) but were kind enough to have us over for catch up and a shoot.  They live in an adorable California style bungalow.  Serge is a programmer and Lynda an artist and musician.   Their house was jam packed full of cool things as well, I tried to get as much as I could in one photograph.  

Front of the house
Car "in process" as Miles said ....
Lynda and Serge
8 track player
Living room
Elizabeth checking out the cool stuff
downtown San Leandro

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