Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adventures in Portland, Peaks Island + Cumberland

Despite the pouring rain and lack of light - I decided to keep my shoot with Kim because well, life is not always full of beautiful sun shinny days and perfect shooting conditions.  I also and  haven't seen her in a really long time and was excited to see her new place.    I met her over the phone when I worked in family law, and we became friends - meeting for drinks and dinner after work.   She moved into a gorgeous condo on the East End with killer views of Portland. Definitely looking forward to summer time roof deck bbq's.

I spent the weekend in Portland, and the following day went to Peaks Island with my friend Tanya, for the annual Sacred & Profane installation at Battery Steele.  The audience takes the 2:15 pm ferry to the island, and follows a processional to the abandoned wwII fort where a group of artists and performers made site specific installations.  It's a cold, dark and dank place lit mostly with candles although there were a few pieces that appeared to be generator powered.   There was also an amazing spread of food (lobster springs rolls+slow cooked pork tacos were my favorite)  from Fluid Farm Aquaponics.

The next morning I went to Cumberland to photograph Maggie and Keith in their new home.  I met Maggie through Sonya at an event a couple of years ago.  We soon became friends and river swimming buddies.  We have been trying to share a meal for quite awhile, so the portrait was the perfect opportunity to see her & Keith's new place and have her cook me a delicious breakfast.   Although their house is brand new, it feels lived in and cozy.  Maggie's day job is with the Nature Conservancy, but she also has a creative sensibility and style that makes everything she touches really cool/awesome.  It's evident through their amazing handmade furniture, that Keith also has this gift even though  his business  is a landscaper/designer.  On a side note, it was really cool to see the pieces that Maggie bought from my Picture of the Week sale, already matted, framed and installed.

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