Monday, October 1, 2012

Adventures in Philadelphia&Baltimore- Days 3-5

Unfortunately the next three days, were pretty intense work days, preparing for and giving presentations. I spent Monday hunkered down at Ted & Corita's alternating between the backyard and super awesome old timey desk in my room.

Back yard light

home away from home work station
delicious bbq dinner 
dinner time
On Tuesday, I left Philly early and headed to Baltimore to talk to Nate Larson's photo class at MICA.  I got there a little so early so he set up a work station for me in his office and then we had lunch with students and some other faculty.

See you later, Philly!
Coffee stop
Taking over Nate's desk
MICA photo office door

Photo students

art students still shoot film (and smoke!)

Nate's porch and amazing row houses
awesome bookstore where John Water's gets his mail

love the row houses
post lecture drink with Nate
sunset from the porch
kid doing baseball performance art
Nate and Roni skype with their nephew 
Nate makes amazing lasagna dinner
On Wednesday, I went out to College Park / UMD to meet with the panelists and organizers of my talks.  I spent the afternoon in the student union working - and was amazed that corporate america had infiltrated with chain restaurants and Starbucks.  When I got back, Nate took me to dinner with a fellow photographer and a great little restaurant in the neighborhood.
Queen Anne's Hall
Rocket to Venus cozy dinning room

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