Sunday, October 7, 2012

Adventures in NJ+CT-days 8&9

I left Manhattan for New Jersey in the morning after coffee to photograph Jason, a childhood friend from St. Louis.  Our parents still remain close friends and we have stayed in touch over the years.  He is now an attorney dealing with social media and internet policies so we had a really interesting conversation how about law and the effect on social media, or actually the other way around.
Coffee over Chelsea
Jason Anderman
Jason's rooftop view of Manhattan
Then to Jersey City (after spending awhile getting lost on detours and highways and an accidental trip to the Newark airport) to photograph Maritza.  I hadn't seen in her in at least a couple of years so it was great to catch up and see her new paintings.   I met her when she was in grad school with my friend Angela, and soon after they came to live with in me in Maine for a summer in my one bed room apartment - a bonding experience for sure.  Her place was really sweet, although she is ready to find a bigger place-I was impressed she was able to carve out a work space and still make it feel like home. She took me out to lunch at a sweet French cafe across the street from her condo.

Lost in Jersey

Light glowing on the stairs
studio from stairs

studio / living room
Maritza Ranero
Lunch with Martiza
I got stuck in a ridiculous amount of traffic leaving the city, so I decided to stop at the almost half way point  for the night.  I called my cousins in Conneticut and they were gracious enough to have me on an hours notice and take me to their favorite restaurant for dinner and roast marshmallows for dessert.  I'm really glad I stopped, I was able to do their portrait in the morning, and spend time with kids.  It was fun to see them in their own environment, since although I see them regularly, its usually in Maine.

Taylor's Mondrian like chalk painting on the stairs

Dinner at Yume
The hibachi in action
Trey's favorite: the onion volacano

Trey watching the sparks

Taylor roasting marshmallows

Robin, Taylor, Bubba and Trey

Trey's legos

music room

Trey and the creatures

hermit crabs

almost butterflies

but we don't want to sit for another portrait

I want to show you my moves

And so do I!

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