Monday, October 15, 2012

Adventures in Butterfield + Turner

Crash and Shana live about a half hour west of me and more in the country.  I met Crash in Portland when he was a reporter for the now defunct Casco Bay Weekly.  He was one of the first people I met when I moved back to Portland after college.  He continues to write and is working on a book about Medical Marijuana. Shana is a musician and artist and is currently spending most of her time farming and studying herbal healing & tinctures.   When I arrived, Crash gave me a tour of the farm while Shana cooked us a delicious their farm to their table dinner.

Crash & Shana

Matt & Jeanne are also west of me and in the country, but only the next town over.  Like Chris & Shana they too have beautiful gardens and a lovely piece of property.  I met Matt when we both worked at my dad's law office in Lewiston almost 20 years ago.   Matt went to law school on a dare/bet  and would keep me entertained for hours telling hilarious stories with his thick Maine accent.  Jeanne started out as a poet and moved into photography in more recent years.  She works most with analogue antique black and white processes.  She gave me a tour of her new studio (packed full of amazing trinkets & cameras) in a converted garage and darkroom in their cellar.
Matthew & Jeanne

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