Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Adventures in Baltimore, College Park & NYC-Days 6&7

I started off the morning shooting Nate before we all had to head out for the day.  Their house was one of the most pleasing to the organized eye I had ever seen.   Everything had a place in a nice, neat organized fashion.  Nate and I met online - his twitter project is similar to mine, and we started a great  back and forth of links to artists who were using social media.  It's really awesome when colleagues extend the hand of  generosity - both by bringing me to MICA and letting me camp out in his guest room/studio for a couple of days.

well organized fridge 
dining room

Nate Larson

living room and awesome book collection
Nate's studio wall
Now that is organized.
After the shoot, I left Baltimore and headed to College park to UMD where I had to lectures scheduled in different departments of the Honors and Humanities program organized by Dana Carluccio.   The first was a panel discussion with Jessica Vitak  and Nathan Jurgenson.  While I am becoming more and more comfortable lecturing outside of photography departments, I was slightly nervous to be on a panel with two PhD candidates, both working on dissertations that focus on relationships and social media.   However, what I found in our preparations was amazing - the research and sociological studies that they brought to my attention back up the antidotal stories and lessons I have learned along the way.   It was an  honor to be on a panel with such smart people.  On a side note, I would love to be a student in one of these fabulous programs.
see you later Baltimore
co-panelists Jessica and Nathan
Dinner with students, Dana and Nathan
 post it note on campus
I left Friday morning for what turned into an arduous drive into NYC.  I did get there in time to have a quick shower and see three shows of friends.  I stayed in Chelsea with my mentor/old friend Sarah, which oddly enough is a very relaxing place to see in the middle of NYC.  We set off for to see  Angela Dufresne at both CRG and Monya Rowe; Laura Letinsky at Yancey Richardson; and Charlie Hewitt at Jim Kempner Fine Art (where I show as well) - our last stop so we could grab Jim for drinks after the gallery closed.
stretchy aliens in NJ turnpike bathroom
amazing guest room at Sarah's in NYC
Sarah and I go gallery hopping in Chelsea
One of Angela's paintings
detail of another painting
Laura Letinsky at Yancey Richardson Gallery
Jim Kempner Fine Art
Charlie Hewitt sculpture
self portrait / manhattan skyline

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