Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This Train is Bound for Glory

 Last night I had dinner with my two dear friends, Kate Cox and Sonya Tomlinson aka Sontiago.  I asked for their help and brought them together because I admire and respect them both a great deal.  It's nights like this that make this project so fulfilling.

This is what true friendship means to me - sharing a meal with incredibly talented friends who help each other - come together to make a community flourish.  It is what I have always loved about Maine, and what I am learning exists all over the country as well.

I was so blown away by their creative process, learning a song for me in a night.   I wish I could show you the three hours of footage, instead of three minutes.

I have four days left of this fundraiser and I am very far away from my goal.  However, I know that when friends give up a night to help me -- great things will happen. This Train is Bound for Glory.

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