Thursday, July 26, 2012

Adventures in New Orleans - day 6 - everyone is dancing everywhere

We actually got to jazz fest by noon which is amazing for the two of us considering we were at Soul Rebels until 3am the night before.

Emma and I bike to Jazz Fest
The first parade we ran into was Eric and TBC & the Lady Buckjumpers and ironically they were the first we saw when we left the fairgrounds, too!

First thing we stumble upon is TBC Brass Band parade
It was a ridiculously hot day (not that it stopped us from waiting in line in the blaring sun for fried chicken) and the mid day shower just made us wet - it didn't cool us down.  We were able to duck for cover in the old timey tent and watched an amazing second line parade.

I was the most excited for Big Freedia and the whole bounce hour since I spent a good portion of last  last year searching for sissy bounce.  The stills and video do not do bounce justice, I encourage everyone everywhere to experience it in real life.  That is some real dancing - it makes New England feel even more white and boring than it already is.
The teenage girls next to us are one giant dance party
They didn't let a little rain stop them
Ted bounces

Although Emma and I were not wanting to fight the crowds, Dr. Mary and Ed inisted we follow them to the Preservation Jazz Hall Band's 50th anniversary celebration.  I am so thankful we did, because it was an show with an unbelievable line up of guest performers.  

Dr. Mary and Ed busting a move, too
Self portrait with the little sister

A kid making art and proud of his sculptures

The music and dancing doesn't end when you leave the fairgrounds.  In fact, I think the most remarkable things we see and hear aren't at jazz fest itself.
We get to meet Eric's family - Kendrelle and "the rooster"

And then home to find a crawdad alive and swimming in the pool.

"No, Louise we have no idea how the crawdad got in the pool"

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