Sunday, June 3, 2012

Adventures in New Orleans - day 2- ChazFest

Every year we come to NOLA, we learn something new.   This year it was pretty clear - "Do whatever Wayne says."  We followed direction, albeit a few hours later than we should of, and spent the day at ChazFest, a locals version of JazzFest that took place in a compound of backyards in the 9th ward.  A little rain doesn't stop the good people of New Orleans from having a good time.   At this point it shouldn't be shocking that we find ourselves in the most amazing places in NOLA, but still to be sitting in someone's gorgeous garden filled backyard listening to world class musicians was unreal. We ate great food, drank great drinks, met great people and of course saw amazing music.  My two favorites were Helen Gillet who is cellist that performed with a roster of friends playing all sorts of instruments and the TBC Brass Band.   Our friend Eric was playing with them now so it was cool to bump into him as well.  Also of note, are the two young drummers who held their own.

holy rosemary
Sorbet stand
In case it gets too loud
Chris & Emma were having a much more animated conversation about cocktails two seconds earlier
The crowd
Emma gets us a drink
Emma, Jenny, Jackie & Wayne in our little hideaway

Helen Gillet & friends
Helen Gillet & friends
Eric & TBC

Lil drummer & TBC
Another stellar Vietnamese meal with Emma, Wayne & Louise at Magasin

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