Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adventures in St. Louis - day 9 - the Sindel family in four parts

The Sindel's were family friends growing up, and I babysat for Jess and Alicia when they were little little.  Although my parents had been in touch with their mom, we didn't reconnect until FB came along.  Jess contacted me before the Christmas holidays, asking if she could commission me to photograph the now different parts of her family.  Her parents had divorced and her sister was with a daughter.   She wanted to give each of the different families a portrait for a present.  I loved the idea.

I didn't realize what a meaningful present this was to her family until we were on our way home at the end of the day.   In the same way that I have sought to document, historically, my network of friends and communities across the globe, Jess decided it was important to do that for her own family.   The birth of her niece, Sofia - and the light of sunshine Sofia brings to everyone brought her two parents to a meaningful post-divorce place and she knew it's importance.

She is absolutely a force to be reckoned with, she had everyone on schedule and dinner planned afterwards where everyone gathered for a group photograph.   I have a feeling, like me, her family is still wondering what exactly happened on Sunday, April 15, 2012.
The first stop was her sister, Alicia's place.  I met her husband Juan Pablo, and the ever charming Sofia. Alicia works for a company that lives streams music events and Juan Pablo works with international engineering and shipping (I think).
gorgeous deco tiled hallway in the building
Sofia greeted me at the door and immediately showed me her fort 
And her room
Gorgeous deco tiled bathroom
dining room
Juan Pablo fixes lunch which smells amazing
Wish we could of stayed for lunch!
I love this lamp
Sisters catching up
living room
Alicia, Juan Pablo, Sofia
Every kid needs a truck from Columbia
And every dog needs their portrait done
Sofia and her puzzle

Sofia sings and plays the Uke!

Then to her mom Susan and husband Tony's place down the road.  Susan is a school psychologist and Tony hires journalists to cover major sports events.   It was a hockey championship so he was busy at work but was able to take a few minutes and join us for the amazing lunch Susan made.

front of the house
front door kaleidoscope

Susan and Tony
Susan MADE me cheesecake!
dining room
I love the woodwork details
Preparing lunch
The beautiful and delicious lunch Susan prepared
Screened in porch
Sun room
Then to her dad, Rick's house - who like everyone else in the family has amazing collections of art and objects.  Rick is a trial lawyer so if you ever find your self in need of a top notch defense attorney in Missouri, you know who to call.
Glass collection
Rick in the kitchen
small pottery
salt n pepper shaker collection
dining room table
Then back to Jess's house.  I stayed with her the entire time I was in St. Louis, and she was a gracious and thoughtful host.   She stocked the fridge, lent me her car and arranged every detail in advance of my arrival.  If she wasn't in law school, I'd ask her to be my personal assistant! And, I fell in love with her sweet bungalow in the Dutchtown part of St. Louis.
ET sculpture in the backyard

stain glass windows

dining room
hall way with wood inlaid shelves
kitchen table
living room with awesome shelves and art collection
sitting room
Awesome chachkas
Then to dinner for the grand finale picture, the entire family around the dinner table.  I sat across from Rick's girlfriend, Sarah who is GAL like my father (who I worked for many years) and we had a great time exchanging stories.
The whole family at dinner
Sarah & Rick
Sofia eats mussels and loves them!
Ten shoots back to back two days in a row = feet up and bottle of wine.

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