Sunday, May 13, 2012

Adventures in St. Louis - day 8- part 2

It seemed important that the Smiths have the first post, even though they were the 3 shoots in the middle of Saturday.  It worked out well, because the first and last shoots were both modernist oasis' which came as a complete surprise to me! I met Matt through my friend Laura in Colorado when she and her family invited her artist friends to go skiing.  None of us skied, but we did bond over whiskey and art talk.   Matt lives part time in St. Louis and part time in New York, so luckily I caught him in St. Louis and he was kind enough to squeeze me in during the week he was home to install a show at his gallery, White Flag Projects.   His loft is a hidden gem behind a giant red door, the kind of place artists dream about.  I left St. Louis before downtown was revitalized and lofts were built, so it was extra cool to see one first hand.

most of the mornings in St. Louis started this way

downtown loft district

rainy downtown
more rainy downtown
I can see the arch, kinda!
foggy arch
Matt's shiny red door

Matt in the kitchen
Matt Strauss

kitchen - sorry Joey Ramon
love the salt n pepper shakers

downstairs lounge
Memorex ad?
Another dope spiral stair case

view out his window
The last shoot of the day was in Webster Groves, a suburb not exactly none for its modern architecture.  I assumed Sheila designed the house since she was an architect, but it turns out they just stumbled upon it in short sale!  I met her husband Sidney and children, Eric & Carlie for the first time. We were trying to figure out how we met, and concluded it was through our parents because we only went to one year of high school together, although had known each other for a long time.   Her sister, Bernadette and her daughter Kennedy made a surprise appearance, so I was able to get all of them in for a family picture.
front of the house
Sidney made me a delicious cappuccino!
Eric playing the piano
Light on the stairs
Sheila, Sidney, Eric, Carlie, Bernadette & Kennedy

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