Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adventures in St. Louis - day 7

My first St. Louis shoot was with Ray and Sherry.   Close to 30 years ago, I used to baby sit Sherry's daughter, Maury and we became good friends as I grew up, sharing a love for music in the 80's and thrifting. It was great to start off the day with friends I had known for so long, and to be able to pick up laughing and joking where we left off years ago.

Sherry & Ray's place on the South Side of St. Louis
Screened in porch where much of their time is spent
Sherry and Ray in the kitchen
The woodwork and details of St. Louis architecture is amazing
We went to the hill for lunch
gorgeous catholic church
Amighetti's - my favorite sandwich in the world
Then to Sarah & Joe's and their daughters, Ellie and Genivieve.   Sarah & I met in 5th grade, I think.  They were living on the East Coast for many years and moved back to St. Louis and bought this beautiful house also on the South Side not far from where I grew up.  It was my first time meeting the girls, who were both entertaining and delightful. We caught up while waiting for Joe to get home and definitely pushed the "available" light situation to the limits.  Again, it was great to feel so at home with such old friends.  We have been in touch all these years not just because of FB, although it has been great to be able watch the girls grow up via pictures that she posts.   And of course, it was even better to meet them in real life.
the girls do a little dance routine for me
beautiful entry way
jumping on the bed!
Sarah has magnets of mine circa 1999 too!!
orchid in the kitchen
Sarah makes homemade pizza for the girls
Sarah, Joe, Ellie & Genivive
Then for ladies night at O'Connell's pub with Gretchen (who I very clearly remember meeting the first day of first grade), her sister Alexis, Sarah and Sherry. O'Connell's hasn't changed in 30+ years and I even recognized some of the servers from that long ago.  The prices haven't changed either, it was $70 for 5 of us to have dinner and drinks!  It was a really fun night, laughing so hard we caught the attention of many of the rowdier baseball fans next to us. There is not much more heart warming than being able to spend a night laughing with friends you've had for that long.
Alexis, Gretchen, Sherry, Sarah & myself holding down a booth
My favorite salad tastes exactly the same

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  1. Hope you had fun at Sherry and Ray's. I spent most of my childhood at that house :)


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