Friday, May 25, 2012

Adventures in St. Louis - day 11

On my last day in St. Louis, I had a shoot with Gar & Larry.   Gar is my childhood friend Tania's dad, he is also a biologist and professor at Washington University.  His partner, Larry is a flight attendant.  Gar & I spent a beautiful morning having coffee in the back yard and catching up.  Lafayette Square is another neighborhood packed full of incredible victorian architecture.  I loved going to their house as a kid (and adult) so I was extra happy to be able to include them in the project.   This trip to St. Louis also made me realize how important my friends families were to shaping my identity now.

Gar & Larry's gorgeous Lafayette Square house
Bench in the backyard
Backyard coffee time
Gar & Larry
dinning room
old timey light switch

dinning room mirror & fire place
love the tall ceilings!
living room
And enough time before my plane took off to hit two museums! First stop the Contemporary Art Museum where  Juan & Keirsten told me to go see their friend Brandon's show.  The last time I was in St. Louis it wasn't open so it was great to see the space.  Then off to Forest Park where the St. Louis Art Museum is.  The park is over 1000 acres and besides being home to the museum, it's home to many cultural institutions in St. Louis.   I have fond memories of the zoo, ice skating, sledding, concerts as a child and some getting into trouble memories of "the bridge" where we used to hang out as teenagers. 

There are not a lot - actually I don't think there any other museums I would describe as "warm" but SLAM definitely has a coziness to it.   I don't know if its because I have fond childhood memories, if its  the fact that everyone is actually nice (a trait of the midwest, for sure), if its because its FREE, or its just the vibe it gives off.  They have a great contemporary collection and I saw a fantastic photography show.
Fox Theatre
I remember loving this building when I was a kid

Chrıstodoulos Panayıotou

Brandon Anschultz
Amazing view of the windows/street
St. Louis Art Museum
I remember sledding down this hill as a kid
I also remember field trips to the Museum

The great entry hall

Gerhard Richter painting
Jenny Holtzer's are sprinkled through out

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