Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adventures in Houston - day 9 - The RODEO

Amy took me to a pre-opening luncheon at gallerist, Devin Borden's house.  I got to meet artists, collectors, and curators and have an incredible meal.  Dear gallery owner's, this is the way to endear artists to your heart.   Devin has a beautiful house and great sense of humor as well.  We were the last ones out the door and he told us a hilarious story of a psychotic rooster that tormented him as a child
Amy & I hit the town in the convertible
Devin's house
Buffet line 
Beautiful salads
my plate
Grasshoper pie
living room
Devin tells us about the rooster
Unfortunately, we had to eat and run and couldn't go to the opening at Devin's gallery because we were going to the RODEO.   Amy's cousin from Beaumont got a skybox for the rodeo and invited all the family in Houston.  Amy was unsure if I would want to go since it wasn't "arty" and to her credit, we did just meet so she didn't understand that a. I will go to anything that is free; b. I love all things cultural; and c. I can't imagine another circumstance where I would be at a rodeo (in a skybox none the less).   I was more or less glued to my seat in awe of what was happening.  Apparently the Houston rodeo is the rodeo to end all rodeos, and let me tell you, Texans love their rodeo.   There were wagon races, barrell races (only for the ladies), cattle roping, bucking broncos and everyone's favorite, mutton wrangling where children ride sheep until they fall off.
Houston highways put LA to shame, minimum of 8 lanes each way plus access roads and crazy ramps
Sunset in the Houston arena

Sunset outside the skybox

Haliburton was in the skybox on one side, Chevron on the other

from the tv in the skybox
I got to meet Amy's family and to enjoy all that the skybox had to offer, a bar and buffett of Nachos, taco salad, shrimp, chicken fingers, hot dogs and hamburgers.  A little piece of heaven.

family time in the skybox
Elizabeth shows Anne something really important
Elizabeth with Emma & Kate

I want Emma's pink cowboy boots
Kate & Emma watch intently
family talk
John & Emma wonder who will win
mini cowboy hat (former ice cream dish)
OMG, I'm at the rodeo.
The rodeo concludes with a live music show which was Brad Paisley, apparently a country music star.  There were light shows and fire works.  It was crazy.

Stills are great and everything but really the rodeo is best documented in video.  Don't worry, they're all short but well worth the watch.




  1. this is SUCH a brilliant concept -- I love it

    Wish I had been in on this! You could not chosen any more gracious hosts!

  2. Thanks so much - next time I'm Houston!!! And yes, its true the Munger family is top notch.


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