Friday, April 20, 2012

Adventures in Houston - day 10

Like I said earlier, Amy and I had never met in real life. I arrived she gave me the keys to the place she shares with her sister Elizabeth, and told me to help myself to beer and whatever else in the fridge and then she left for a party.   She wasn't the first person that I hadn't met in real life, however she was the first to open her home & family to me. 

We connected because she is an art consultant & interior designer and has bought my work for her clients from my gallery in NYC.  She found me on Facebook a couple of years ago and we have been "friends" ever since.   She and Elizabeth now have their own business, Munger Interiors

I must of been exhausted from the previous day at the rodeo because I apparently didn't actually shoot that much inside.

Amy's awesome art wall

Elizabeth & Amy

The best bathroom wall paper I have ever seen (with a matching shower curtain!)

detail of the zebra rug
Then I went to their other sister's Anne's since they won my heart at the rodeo the day before.
I fell in love with this chair

Anne, John, Emma & Kate
And then their parents invited me over for wine & took me to Goode Company for delicious BBQ and perfect atmosphere. 
Texans have the best chandeliers


my tray
Yes, its true.  I loved this place so much I made a video.

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