Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adventures in Chicago & St. Louis - day 6

Although I really wanted to spend the morning at a museum, it turned out after I did a portrait of my hosts and grabbed some lunch, I had just enough time to do a little laundry and re-pack for St. Louis.
I met Jenn through my friend Laura when they were both in grad school at Williams and I went to see the show Laura curated at Mass Moca when she was a fellow.  Jenn & I stayed in touch and re-connected when she was researcher for the exhibit, Hide/Seek at the National Portrait Gallery.   When the exhibit was censored and David Wojnarowicz’s video piece A Fire in My Belly was pulled, I helped spread the word and have it screened at Space in Portland.   She is also super awesome because she brought me to speak at the University of Chicago where she is getting her PhD in art history.   Only days before my arrival, she & her girlfriend Kristine packed up her stuff and moved her from San Francisco to Chicago, so they were also extra kind to host me with boxes every where and in process of setting up home.  Like figuring out wifi pass words.  Kristine worked in technology so we had a good laugh most of the visit about her very complicated pass word.
Living room & super cool glass bricks (which Chicago seems to love)

Jenn & Kristine

Jenn & the kitchen / office

Seven the cat who was the source of much entertainment and a little worry

Then off to St. Louis, where I was born and raised until my sophmore year in high school.  I decided to combine the mid western cities to make it more cost effective and because I promised Jessica a commission that was a Christmas present to her family.   We were family friends and I used to baby sit her and her sister, Alicia way back when.  We re-connected on FB a few years ago, and she thought it would be great to add her parents to the project and have me document their whole family.  I loved the idea and she really helped to arrange and make this trip as easy as possible considering I had almost 20 shoots in 5 days.  I took the train in from the airport and she picked up and took me to meet her dad, Rick and his new girlfriend Sarah at a fabulous restaurant called Taste

view from the plane preparing for landing
I later learned the NRA was in town & wonder if this SUV on the tarmac getting someone important was related

Lambert airports needs some TLC

Dinner at Taste
Drink at Taste

Taste kitchen is beautifully lit

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