Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adventures in Chicago - days 1+2

I arrived in Chicago on a beautiful and warm Spring day, took the L in from the airport and met my hosts Jenn & Kristine for a super delicious brunch at Birchwood Kitchen.   Then to my new home away from home to unpack, organize and have a short nap before meeting Boston transplants, Ricky & Jenn L for dinner at Au Cheval.  I had one of the all time best burgers of my life.
Taxing into Chicago
O'Hare is a beautiful airport even if it's a pain in the ass to fly in/out of
Damen St. L station in Wicker Park
Jenn & Kristine and I have a delicious brunch at Birchwood Kitchen
Au Cheval bar, Chicago restaurants actually care about your dining experience
Au Cheval, Ricky & JennL

Au Cheval, to die for raw vegi salad
Au Cheval, Ricky loves the bone marrow and toast
Au Cheval, Burger with fried egg & bacon
Night cap at Scofflaw with Ricky & JennL
Sunday started with an arduous public transportation journey down to Hyde Park to photograph Zoe and her brother George.  I met them through my friend Henry who is their eldest brother.  Zoe is in her last year at the University of Chicago.  George is an alumni and is working for a start up.  After I photographed them we joined Zoe's friends & roommates for a easter/seder potluck brunch.  I think George "won" the easter egg hunt.
Guess I wasn't as sly as I thought taking a picture of these bf's on the L
Pigeon's enjoying the light as much as me waiting for the L
It might of been a long wait but at least I had a lot to look at 
Clark / Lake station
Clark / Lake station 
Easter / Seder at Zoe's
Easter egg dying
Zoe & George keeping things entertaining

Amazing potluck spread
Trying to find the hidden egg?
George & Zoe
George was awesome and drove me up to Robin & Peter's in Lakeview.  They used to live in Portland way back when, but have called Chicago home for 12 years.  I hadn't seen them in about 6 years so it was great to catch up and meet the kids Honora & Uly.  Robin works in the education department of the Art Institute of Chicago and Peter works in education for women engineers (or something really close to that). They showed me around the neighborhood on the way to the playground and like the parks in Chicago, it was full and well maintained.
Bike trail on the lake 
Peter, Robin, Honora & Uly
Peter & Robin have a magnet I made circa 1999
And they have a print of mine from 1996 (among the fabulous art collection)
Looking down on the back courtyard
Awesome apartment building on the way to the park
Taking the kids to the play ground
Peter & Honora on the swings
Uly wants to join the fun, too
Uly color co-ordinated with the play ground
Sun's about to set
Beer run
Pan fried chicken, buttery leeks and rice

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