Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adventures in Austin, San Antonio, Kerrville-Day 7

My last day in Austin, I photographed my hosts Herb, Valentina and their daughter Lara.  I met Herb many  years ago when owned the infamous Tree Cafe in Portland (which is sorely missed by live music junkies to this day) and I was a coat check girl, bar back and sometimes on slow nights waitress.  The club closed in 1989, and I haven't seen Herb since.  He moved to Austin shortly after and at some point we became Facebook friends.  Valentina is an artist and educator.   They were wonderful hosts, feeding me incredible meals (and wine) and driving me & picking me up whenever I needed it.  Herb re-built the house into a super cool bohemian bungaloo with a killer spiral stair case (I stayed in the loft) and Valentina tends to the amazing gardens.

On my way out of town to pick up my rental car, Herb took me by his friend Noel's shop that make custom cowboy boots.   I really really really want a pair.

Then to pick up the car at Hertz and perhaps have one of the sketchiest rental car experiences of my life.  It was a harrowing two hours to San Antonio where people drive really fast and the freeways are insane.  There were any where from 4 to 8 lanes each way, with all sorts of connectors and ramps.   It puts Los Angeles to shame.  For realz. 

I had my first no show / no call friend cancel a shoot.   So I took the opportunity to go to the San Antonio Museum of Art where I became obsessed with the glass elevator in the middle of the galleries and to Artpace a super cool alternative space.

And then off to pick up my friend Ann who took me to a delicious dinner on the back roads on the way to her mom's place in Kerrville.

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