Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Adventures in Austin - day 6

This was the first day I got to sleep in and see a little bit of the sites in Austin.  Valentina took me to Barton Springs pool, just down the road from her house and one of Austin's famous swimming holes.   I was surprised to find out the water was as cold as she said, but it was a refreshing dip none the less.

Then an afternoon shoot with Angela, a friend from high school who I hadn't seen or talked to since then. Angela and her husband Nick have made an incredible compound, right there is the middle of Austin.   They have a gorgeous garden, chickens, and a killer studio/Quonset hut that they are in the process of building out.  She is a welder and he is a woodworker, so they work together doing custom installs on fancy houses.   She also moonlights at the airport & various industrial gigs.  Bad ass.

They seem to be part of a great community as well.  She did a trade with a local brewery and now has a fridge with a keg & tap in the studio, my kind of trade.   We spent the afternoon and night together while her husband Nick & brother, Jon attempted to repair the engine on his old pick up and smoked ribs, and it still felt like not enough time.

We did the shoot in their house, which was cozy and open.  I loved the bar.

Then she took me over to her friend Pete's place up the street.  He just finished building an addition, for lack of a better word to his one room house that towers over the neighborhood.  She helped him with the spiral staircase (which I saw a lot of in Texas).  He was kind enough to let us watch the sunset from up top and even fed me a delicious bowl of stew!



Then as luck would have it, friends Kyle and Dustin were in town for sxswm so we got to grab a beer and see them as well!

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