Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shout out from Artscope Magazine

From Artscope Magazine:

Tanja Alexia Hollander: Are You Really My Friend?
Taryn Plumb

Social media sites get a lot of criticism slung their way — sure, they connect people (virtually , at least), but can they really serve as a stand -in for the complex, face -to -face relationships that have defined humanity for thousands of years?

As she scanned through her list of 626 Facebook friends last New Year’s Eve, Tanja Alexia Hollander began to deeply consider this question. Who were these people, really? How did she know them? What did they mean to her? And could she truly classify them as “friends?”

To seek out the answers — or, at least, to edge closer to understanding the complexities and superficialities of friendship in the 21st century — the Auburn, Maine-based photographer didn’t just send out impersonal emails or post comments on walls. She literally sent the worlds of the real and the digital colliding into one another by making a plan to meet — and photograph — every one of her Facebook friends.

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