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Tanja tackles friendship…

Daryl Fort, Portland, Maine©Tanja Alexia Hollander. All Rights Reserved

My personal Facebook page lasted two hours. I signed up with little enthusiasm but felt a general social pressure to “get with it”. The first posting that arrived was the writer’s thoughts on the sunrise that day. The next was a response to that. The third was about waiting for his kids to come out to the car, and I was so shocked by the mind-deadening triviality of this new information highway that I got off at the next stop. The only reason I keep my personal page is that it’s a requirement in order to have a business page. I never look at it. Ever.

Tanja Alexia Hollander is a Maine-based fine art photographer who has been around. But she’s not of my generation and therefore would have been easier with the Facebook way of finding new friends, and staying in touch with old friends and family members. But she obviously wondered to herself at some point how it would all hold up if these “post-ers” were brought from cyberspace into the light of the real world.

Tanja Alexia Hollander: Are You Really My Friend? has recently opened at the Portland Museum of Art and runs through June 17, 2012. Tanja must be grinning from ear to ear because the media – from The Boston Globe to MPBN – have been happy to embrace this quirky exhibit, and it’s getting terrific mileage.

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Andy Bothwell (Aka Astronautalis), Allston, MA©Tanja Alexia Hollander. All Rights Reserved

Emma Hollander, Boston, MA©Tanja Alexia Hollander. All Rights Reserved

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