Friday, January 20, 2012

HELP! Love NOLA and love the trumpet.

As many of you know, my little sister, Emma and I fell in love with New Orleans during Jazz Fest a few years ago. Last year we went off the tourist road, rented a place in the 9th ward, biked around town, learned a ton of history from our friends Wayne and Louise, and discovered a different city away from the fairgrounds and French Quarter. We were stopped in our tracks by the lack of resources the city continues to face post Katrina and have been brainstorming on how two girls from New England with not a lot of money or time can help a place that we love so much.

I was sitting in my studio last night and saw a post on Facebook from Eric Iammusic Gordon Jr (who was a trumpet player for one of our favorite brass bands we saw, The Stooges). He was selling t-shirts so he could buy a new trumpet. I messaged him and bought one, and asked how much a trumpet cost. Assuming he had a long road ahead at $15/piece. I was right, a new trumpet is $1500.

And then I messaged Emma, and said "we have to help him get a new trumpet."

And so we are. On Monday, 1/30 Emma is working industry brunch atTrina's Starlite Lounge and giving 25% of her tips to Eric's trumpet fund. GO see her Boston people. I'm donating all of my sales from the print of the week. If you give him $100, you'll also get 5 editioned 4x6 snap shots of our last trip to NOLA. A win win situation.

chose one or both!

You can also out of the kindness of your heart just paypal him directly at: ericgordonsmusic at aol dot com. Or message me for his address. You can check out his music at Eric Gordon's Lazy Boys and To Be Continued Brass Band.

Attached is the post from the night we met him at the Hi Ho Lounge.  He is hamming it up good for me in video #3.

If you know the two of us, or the Hollanders at all, we won't stop posting and begging until he gets his trumpet.

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