Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Philippe Gagnon & Saul Cruz, Los Angeles, California

title: Philippe Gagnon & Saul Cruz, Los Angeles, California
date: 2011
relationship: friends, art, met at Hampshire College
years known: Philippe 20-25, Saul 0-5

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shout out from L E N S C R A T C H

Originally posted on  L E N S C R A T C H: 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 

Tanja Hollander

I had the pleasure of meeting Tanja Hollander last fall when a mutual friend, Siri Kaur, brought her to a brunch I was hosting. We recently became friends on Facebook and in exploring her site, that simple act of friending each other, has more significance than I realized. Missouri born, Tanja currently calls Auburn, Maine home. She graduated from Hampshire College and has exhibited in solo and group shows around the country, and recently won the 2011 Maine Arts Commission, Good Idea Grant.

Her new series, The Facebook Project, looks at how we define friendship and "who we let into our private yet very public lives". She is working her way through her 688 friends (now 689) to create portraits of them in their homes throughout the world. I have often thought about the friends I have on Facebook and wondered if there was a way to connect in a deeper way, as many are not really "friends" but someone with whom I have a friend in common. But showing up at the front door of a stranger with camera in hand is a whole other experience. Tanja is also blogging about the people she meets, and the sights she sees. The end of the project will culminate in a book, real life exhibition, and all of her friends simultaneously changing their profile picture to the portrait she takes of them.

Images by ©Tanja Hollander fromThe Facebook Project
Emily Sunderman, Michael & Carter Lee, West Cornwall, VT

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Carla, Chris & Cadence Conner, San Diego, California

Title: Carla, Chris & Cadence Conner, San Diego, California
date: 2011
relationship: friends, art, met at Hampshire College
years known: 20-25

Adventures on the coast - Damariscotta & Mere Point

I got to watch the sunrise over Biscay pond and have morning coffee with Peter.  It appeared that the rain and fog finally broke, and we were about to have a real summer day.

My morning shoot was right down the road at FB friend #3 that I haven't met in real life, and we haven't "known" each that long on FB.  Jay is the twin brother of my friend, Jed, so it seemed slightly less awkward.  But  I'm not going to lie, it is a little nerve racking showing up on someone's doorstep, camera in tow that you have never met before.  However Jay and his kids Dawson and Alex and their cousin Thomas, welcomed me warmly.   After the shoot, Jay and Alex chatted with me in the kitchen (something a teenager rarely does, I was very impressed!) and eagerly showed me their new baby chickens and the gardens that his grandmother started many years ago. It is a classic and beautiful Maine farmhouse and land.

Then back down the coast to Mere Point in Brunswick to photograph long time family friends Emma & Claudia. Emma was bff's with my sister Amanda & Claudia with my parents with growing up. Emma is just back from a five year stint in Rome.   Claudia lives across the street from Moira and Henry (until they moved to California) and we shared many a Sunday meals together last winter.  It's not entirely an accident I scheduled this shoot for lunch time.  It turned to a beautiful and hot day so after I raided Claudia's fridge, I headed down to the dock for my first swim of the season.  They were both leaving for the afternoon and Claudia insisted I stay and relax by the water "Why have this beautiful land, the earth, the universe if people can't use it?"  I wish others felt the same way with their private roads and docks and beaches.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Susan Kucera, Trevor and Otto Groth, Los Angeles, California

title: Susan Kucera, Trevor and Otto Groth, Los Angeles, California
date: 2011
relationship: friends, art, met through Moira Greenspun Tarmy
years known: 0-5

Adventures up the coast - Round Pond & Damariscotta

Exploring Maine, and especially driving up the coast is one of my all time favorite things to do.  I love that you mark each step of the trip by crossing over the bridges in Bath and then Wiscasset (no traffic!) and the marshes that have their own unique landscape. Route 1 is dotted with silly tourist shops & restaurants, mom and pop convenience stores, farm stands and flea markets.   When my friend Sarah invited me up to her family’s camp (cottage in Mainer terms) in Damariscotta for a bbq & spendover on Sunday, I consulted my spreadsheet, and realized two old friends, Hazel and Mike, lived down the peninsula about 10 miles in Round Pond.  Although I’ve been to Damariscotta many times, I haven’t been down the road much further, so I was excited to cross another part of Maine off my list.

I wish I could translate the earthy the salty smell of driving down dirt roads in the summer on the coast.  I arrived at their place set on 10 acres of beautiful meadow right down the road from the harbor and was greeted by Hazel, their 5 dogs (one a rescue from India that Hazel befriended on the street when she was in New Dehli being treated for Lyme disease), and a bunch of chickens.   They are both artists and Mike is in the timberframe restoration business, so they moved an old carriage house from Gorham to the property and built this house.  It is a true work of art down to the stairwell pantry, wood walls, each door, light fixture, tile, bed frame, woodstove and faucet.   There is also an adorable guest cottage and gardens that are dreamy.  Hazel made a delicious cherry pie and we sat around in their lovely home, caught up and chatted about the woes of home improvement and had a lovely stroll through the meadow.

Then off to Devlin’s for bbq and more old friends.  The camp is on Biscay pond and holds a special place in my heart, because for many many years, she has opened up for friends to gather, swim (although this week has been remarkably cold and rainy), hang out, eat and drink.  People come and go and her sister and family often pop down from up their camp road.  The group of us that used to come up every summer when we lived in Portland is now spread out and we rarely see each other.  I wasn’t totally sure who was going to be there when I arrived, but was elated to see Paul & Sherry up from NYC with their new baby Cooper; Jane and now walking and talking Oscar came down from Rockland; Darien & Valarie from Portland,  Sara from Windham, and from Boston, Dev's sister Mary and her husband Mo, their kids Anya & Sabir and friend Lucy.

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