Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shout out from MWF seeking BFF

Originally posted on MWF seeking BFF blog:

The Art of Friendship (Like, Actual Art)

You guys. There’s this photographer, Tanja Hollander, who is working on a project that is awesome. Trust me.
An article on Etsy’s blog explains it really well: “[Hollander has] taken camera in hand and is visiting each of her 626 Facebook friends, removing ‘virtual’ from their relationships and creating a portrait to document the moment.” The project is called “Are You Really My Friend? The Facebook Portrait Project.”
Hollander has her own blog where she posts the pictures, with vital stats like names, relationship and how long they’ve known each other. (Scroll through the first couple of posts to get to the pics and stats.) The portraits are fascinating in their honesty and intimacy. She captures her “friends” in their homes, looking like they normally would. This isn’t some fancy schmancy dolled up project. It’s real.
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