Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shout out from moshimoshiii

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30 November 2011

are you really my friend?

photo by tanja hollander.

like many people i have mixed feelings about facebook. i was never a great enthusiast but i have my account like everyone else and i admit to enjoy strolling through peoples lifes like a voyeur and drop my "likes" every now and then. and i also like to see what my distant friends are doing and believe i'm closer to them with comments and likes. at the beggining i was a "purist" - no, i will never accept anyone who is not my true friend! i soon ate my words when work colleagues and old highschool friends i didn't even remember the existence started asking to "become a friend". i quickly forgot my purist principles and now have 420 friends (too many? too few?) and often ask what is the sense of this community?

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