Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adventures in Red Hook&Kensington-the day of Jazz

So I'm sitting at the Bait & Tackle having a beer with Rob Reddy who lives downstairs from me (well from Karin & Barry) and we get to talking about art and music - he is a jazz musician and the lack of funding for both, and we are swapping grant ideas and drowning our woes in how difficult this economic climate is for artists.  I'm telling him about my project and there at the bar we become FB friends and I ask if I can take is portrait since I just have to walk down a flight of stairs.  He agrees. But, I notice we have 7 friends in common, 4 of which make sense, they are my other friends in Red Hook, but the other 3 are from a totally separate circle of NY friends.  It makes sense because they are jazz musicians too but the connection was bazaar.  So when he was in middle school, living on Long Island he took lessons from a guy named Arnie Lawrence.  Arnie was his mentor and he went onto study with him at the New School.  When I was at Hampshire, my mentor was (and still is) Sarah Hart, and since college we have become very good friends - I usually stay with her when I am in NYC, but because I had so many shoots in Brooklyn, I decided to stay in Red Hook this time around.   Anyway, I have gotten to know Sarah's son Rene and his wife Marya, and Marya's brother Erik in my travels over the last 10 years to NY.   Marya and Erik's father is Arnie.  Rob spoke very highly of Rene, Marya and Erik.  It goes to show a. how small this world really is and b. how important sitting at a bar having a beer is.

Ironically, I had  Erik scheduled the same day as Rob, so Monday became the day of Jazz saxophonists. He plays with Rene in Honey Ear Trio - they just did a sold out show at the Rubin Museum which I was very sad to miss.  Like I said, I met Erik at Sarah's place (you never know who will also be a guest in her house - I've met Russian photographers and French writers as well) and we had a great conversation and remained in email contact ever since. He also spoke very highly of Rob "and not just because he was one of my dad's students".

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