Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adventures in Portland & Cornish - the day of feasting

After close to a week of being bed ridden by a nasty cold, I pulled myself together and headed to Portland to shoot my little sister Amanda and her girlfriend Katy.   Amanda made me tea and fed me water to fight the good fight, and I basked in the sun in their amazingly light filed apartment.  She just moved from Bar Harbor as the long distance thing was becoming tiresome.  Lucky for her, she was able to transfer to the Biddeford office of DHHS (she is a child protective worker) and the move has been smooth.  And lucky for me and Ma and Pa we get to see her more!  Katie is a nurse and was on call, but came back just in time for the shoot.  On a side note, it was cool to see a piece that Amanda bought (!!) from me and a beautiful Winky Lewis she got at photo a gogo.  I'm making collectors of the whole family.

Then off to Diane and Eddie's for lunch or should I say feast and shoot.  I met Diane through the Bakery, like Winky she donates to photo a gogo every year (speaking of which it's that time of year) and Eddie joins her every year for the festivities, although when I ran into him at an opening he didn't recognize me in "street clothes".   He is also the chef / owner of the Pepperclub one of Portland's oldest restaurants.   The best part of this project is the fact I get to do all the things I love -- eat, drink, travel and see music. But this meal was hands down the best I've ever had on my journeys, not only because Eddie was so excited to cook for me -- I could feel the love and attention, but also because it was so delicious.   And he sent me off with a cooler of left overs and other things he made!

 When I arrive the table looked like this:
 We started off with fish soup made from Mussel broth:
And then salad:
 And then mussels and aioli:
And then lobster:

And then crab:
And then cheese & fruit:
Then I somehow managed to not pass out on their couch, and headed an hour southwest to Cornish to photograph and meet for the first time in real life, Alex.  I reached out to him on FB because of his work with Portland GreenDrinks in hopes that we could collaborate with them for photo a gogo this year (I guess it's the theme of this post).  I have heard his name 'round town for a long time but we haven't ever cross paths.  We have been e-mailing for a little bit, so he didn't seem like a total stranger, and it is interesting how you can tell from the tone of messages that you will like the person in real life.

I drove up and down Main St. a couple of times before I gave up and called and it went something like this:  "Hi this is Alex.  Hi this is Tanja.  I think I'm lost.  Where are you? At the gas station.  Um, you're like 4 houses away.  It's on the left the house with" lost connection.  And then I just pulled into the driveway of the house I wanted to be his, and it was.

The idea was that I was going to pick his brain about ways to fund and promote the project, we'd do a shoot, and grab a beer.  But I was a recovering sick girl and he was recovering from producing and shooting and episode of Food Coma TV in Sanford, so instead we ended up sitting around his kitchen table drinking water and talking for over three hours (a record for me & shoots) about all sorts of things from the youth community center he is building with a focus on organizing and mulit-media, to politics and #ows, to my project and the PMA show, to sex parties and funerals.  The 45 minute drive home was definitely a reflective one.

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