Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Adventures in Portland and Falmouth

I started off Saturday with an afternoon shoot with Jess & San, and parts of their extended families.  Jess grew up with my little sister, Emma and San is the older brother of their other friend Vuthi. We did a shoot at San's house where they are living until they close on their home in Westbrook, and then went off to do a shoot on the East End as part of a trade I am doing with San so they can have some more "traditional" photographs of the family.

On Sunday, I headed to Falmouth (during an early snow storm & many power outages) for lunch and a shoot with Wooly and her husband, Hoddy.   Wooly was one of the first artists I met after graduating college and moving back to Portland.  We have a long history together, we were in the same studio building for many years & were on a residency together in France (she tasked herself with the job of making sure I stayed out of trouble, not an easy job for sure).  She has always been a supporter of my work, and me of hers.   She has been an inspiration as a dedicated and prolific lady artist, I feel incredibly fortunate to know her and to photograph her.  Much like June Fitzpatrick, I can't think of another artists who is as well respected by the art community in Maine.  I have met her husband Hoddy at openings, but it was the first time we shared a meal, and as Wooly predicted I joined him for wine at lunch time!  He was also a trooper to be part of the project -- Wooly is used to my antics because I photographed her incessantly in France and forced her to be part of all my projects there.  I also got a tour of their beautiful house that was her grand parents & has a very distinct character of its own (with an extensive collection of contemporary Maine artists).

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