Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adventures in Providence - Lady artists collaborate

This was a very exciting day for me and for the project.  My friend Kyle who is traveling around the country in a 1982 step van turned letter press studio picked me up in Swansea and we drove to Providence where she was doing a roadside workshop in front of the artist run collective AS220.

This was exciting for a lot of different reasons.   Kyle and I met when I bought one of her beautiful line drawings / paintings many years ago.  When I started to sell work (before the economy crashed) I made a pact with myself that every time I sold a piece, I would buy a piece from a younger artist.  I ended up buying 4 of her pieces because they were so awesome.   When she merged drawing and letter press I continued to admire her work from a far - as she left my Portland for the other Portland. I had her over for dinner last winter and we busted out the atlas and she inspired me with her route and sheer ambition I told her that I was also thinking about photographing all of my FB friends all over the world and she encouraged me on.

Needless to say, it was SO exciting that both of our projects took off and we could come full circle, meet up and spend a few days together, photographing and letter pressing.  And that we could share time on the road and work together - I really believe that in these hard economic times that artists need to support each other, especially ladies who are on the road.  So buy her awesome cards and help her keep on keepin on.

And the truck is so cool, besides letter press being a dope medium, the truck is decked out with drawers of old timey type, two presses and a bunk for sleeping - who wouldn't want to road trip in it?

On top of all that, I finally got to check out AS220 which is an inspiration to anyone (like myself) who runs an artist collective.   I knew about them because they came up to Maine to check out our darkrooms at the Bakery when they were building theirs.  Unfortunately the darkrooms were closed but we got a tour of the amazing print shop and whole building that houses all kinds of studios, workshops, apartments, and restaurants that they OWN.

Since we missed the last ferry to Long Island, our wonderful hosts Brittany and Brian had us another night in Swansea.

Driving to Providence in the truck!

Brittany makes a print!

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