Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adventures in Greene and Auburn

I kept it in the neighborhood today, with a morning shoot in Greene with one of my yoga teachers at Chill  in Lewiston, Heidi and Dan and her daughter, Kate. The four of us had a lively conversation about how different people use Facebook, and the merits and woes of online life.

Then off to Cheryl's who was my dad's former secretary, many years ago.  I've been working for him since high school on and off so Cheryl and I worked together for awhile.   She is now a clerk at the Lewiston District Court. We caught up on her now adult children (!) and life, and I did my best to photograph her "good side". 

Then off to Nolan's who practically lived next door to Cheryl.  He is a therapist and I met him years ago, I think at an opening or political something in Portland.   We talked about the OccupyWallStreet protests that are sweeping the nation and the lack of media coverage.

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