Sunday, October 30, 2011

Adventures in Brooklyn - Clinton Hill & Red Hook

I started off the morning in Clinton Hill with Hampshire friend, Rosy and her daughter Plum.  Rosy made me a delicious cappuccino and Plum gave me the run down on her stuffed animals and threw a dance party.   Rosy is a freelance book editor, although recently joined the "Hampshire media mafia" at CNBC because it became too difficult chasing people down for money.   This is a refrain I heard over and over again from friends who work creatively and do freelance, especially the ones with children.  When they actually could get work, it was months before they were paid and often required a relentless amount of phone calls and emails.

Both of my afternoon shoots were re-scheduled so I went back to Red Hook for a walk around the neighborhood and a supply run at the Fairway (I found out why everyone in NYC loves that grocery store so much). Red Hook is a really interesting neighborhood, it feels almost island like with the small neighborhood community and ocean access.   The old brick studio buildings, industrial ports, cobblestone walks and view of the statue of liberty make you feel like you're in old timey seaport NY.  I was also lucky enough to stumble upon the barge museum during open hours.

Then back to the house for a little work and then a reward - Robby made me a delicious bloody mary  at the Bait and Tackle.

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