Monday, September 26, 2011

Why I live in Maine-Tribe Called Quest documentary, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper & Astronautalis

I scheduled my Saturday and Sunday shoots in Portland around the triple feature sponsored by Space.  First was Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest at the Portland Museum of Art, then Lady Lamb the Beekeeper and Astronautalis at Space.   I dashed from my shoots to the studio, and from the studio back downtown to buy tickets for all the shows (after seeing on Facebook everything was about to sell out), trying to beat the clock to grab some dinner and a drink with Sarah who I hadn't seen in real life in way too long.

Those of you who are native Portlanders, know that anything goes when you sit outside at a patio table on Congress Street.  We flagged down Kate  who was innocently walking across the street, but were also accosted by many characters, including Norman who was a lift operator at Sunday River when Sarah worked there and did what I can only call a customer service performance piece with a forty in a paper bag.  He now works at the Hampton Inn and is apparently beloved by tourists near and far.  I apologize for no video but he is camera shy.

I had to pull a few strings and frantically texted but with the help of Sonya (who I am almost positive is responsible for all of this incredible music happening) the night went off without a hitch.    While I felt the Tribe documentary was a little disappointing, I was still elated I got to see it and PMA and Space collaborated to bring it. 
The show was sold out  and for good reason.  I was extra excited to see both performers because I have missed them every time they have played in Portland in the past and Sonya speaks so highly of them. I'm not blown away by much, but the energy and talent was amazing.  I felt like I was part of something real, something that will continue to feed me artistically.  Buy, download, like, see and support it.

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