Monday, September 19, 2011

Adventures in NYC-day 6-Red Hook, Chelsea, Astoria, LIC

The morning started in Red Hook with Karin and Barry in their light & thrift store collection filled apartment.

Then back to Manhattan to Chelsea, to photograph Dru who is the gallery director of my gallery, Jim Kempner Fine Art.

Then off to Queens to Astoria, to photograph Chris, who I met in New Orleans at Jazz Fest three years ago.  He is a chef and I met him through my sister, Emma when a group of us went out to dinner.  I haven't seen him since then so it was fun to catch up and learn a little bit about the NY restaurant world.

Then off to the other side of Queens to Long Island City, to photograph Jay who I show with at Jim Kempner.  He is the long lost older brother I never had.  His apartment has incredible views of the city, and like Karin & Barry his apartment is filled with collections of all sorts of cool things.  My favorites are the little pottery pieces, his reel to reel tapes (which he proudly listens to), the modern furniture, and his pipes.  He also has a little studio in the apartment so I got see some of the sculptures in progress.  He made me a delicious compari and soda and great cheese platter.

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  1. My uncle is responsible for that 9/11 mural. We lived a few blocks away from there in the early '00s. :)


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